Senator Patty Murray, Ryan Harris, President Trump discussed on News, Traffic and Weather


Healthcare workers joined US Senator Patty Murray to talk about their needs from a new covert relief package they come owes, Ryan Harris tells us the conversation turned to the violence at the Capitol Washington Democrat tells the group she goes to work every day at the Capitol, expecting healthy debates, followed by votes. But what they got last week was the use of force incited by the president to put someone's opinion on top of others. It's not a democracy. That's a cool and we cannot tolerate this by this president or by any individual. We have to be a shining Like to ourselves that our voices count. That's how we make decisions. Murray was also highly critical of the current federal vaccination plan, or what she says is a lack thereof, which she says has created chaos and confusion. Murray says the new Congress will get to work right away on a new covert relief package, and the health workers in the panel told her they needed all kinds of federal support to get through the pandemic and vaccinations. Ryan Harris, come only to the counties in the Puget Sound region are watching closely for changes from the state as the federal government changes its policy and releases all available doses. Katie Curtis is with his damage Health district. The vaccine supply increases we to expect more people to become eligible, and we are forward thinking and planning for that, to be able to meet the demand once we have the supply, and once those faces air opened up a little bit more broadly Counties Vaccine Task Force has already helped get two sites open it Edmunds Community College. In pain field with plans for more sites around the county. But they emphasize that those sites are meant to support the healthcare systems vaccination capacity. Snohomish County has also seen a rise in the two week new case rate. 428 per 100,000 people, which is likely a result of holiday travel and gathering ear's.

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