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Powell no really this is just all like super cool stuff i could talk about all day with you and i do wanna get into on your your work your book um because you've written about two pretty controversial things i mean operation redwings and the extortion seventeen crash i'm not quite sure where to start i mean i guess um with extortion seventeen i mean there's been a lot of controversies um i think you know for the people listening to this podcast and we published an article that you wrote today about the myths surrounding extortion seventeen maybe that's a good place to start because i know peter of heard these conspiracy theories before um i've i've even had a let's just say family members on get try to get in touch with me who believe than conspiracies about extortion seventeen and i was wondering if you could address some of those from a conceptual fundamental standpoint i think what what's going on you know there's a there's a i don't want to see a schism but it 'cause it's biden's fine but the separation between the population nonmilitary population and people who are warfighters who worked for the department of defense is huge is just through such a lack of understanding particularly of modern warfare and how these things work and you you get questions like why wasn't the 160 is supporting these guys are special operations and their elite and their this know that and the reality is that conventional forces today work with special operations forces all the time and support you know summer supporting summer supported i it you know it is particularly in these these recent wars an ally an oh yeah uh wasn't so much that at the beginning of oh yeah but it certainly call that way and there are only so many captors to go around i mean that one six yet doesn't added with unlimited number of helicopters and pilots just floating around yeah.

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