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They played like the They'd have final score which is nearly a program for someone reads the scores for twenty minutes. That was most see appointment. Television was like nineteen ninety-five where there is some back door deal allowed one of the irish channels to show a live match on saturday afternoon from any which english people weren't able to see. I don't even think it was. I think it was a five or ten minute. Delay wasn't really yeah. I never knew that. I think it was like a trick. Trio foy start or something if i remember remember headed wow that's all it wasn't technically life. I think was the holiday of ask interesting dot stephanie ninety-five era. That was happening. Because i remember watching spurs match with klinsmann than elite dimitrescu. And that was the time where they had ozzie. You less formation that they got criticized for because it was like five striker. Five for like a Nick barmby dimitrescu teddy sheringham. A pasco in clinton's men all just round page ashfield yet the For yesica ninety. Three ninety four dumpty. Wcw we would have been watching album or and or if was a mainstay on television like he was he wasn't the top e. but he was very much a prominent. He'll was on the show pretty much every week. In a featured spot and he transitioned from being a solo guy to being part pretty wonderful. Paul roma on. I remember specifically pretty wonderful robes like it was an act Stood out to me at that time. Like hollywood glunz did as i got older and that became a distant memory because it ended a i remember when the last things ever saw was them promoted hogan coming in. They had the disney hogan arriving at the disney studios and i never remember seeing anything with hogan on their after that. So i can. That was around the time to end it. And you know when you're when you're in your child years early teens like a year will seem like a lifetime so very quickly after ending. It seemed like a distant memory. But whenever i would think active whether it's in the early happens or whatever whenever i take box era the Pretty wonderful paul lab or would have been very much image. I would have thought about it. And i think that's where he mostly was on my radar from. Oh yeah about. I definitely remember the early prayer. Pretty wonderful ron leagues. They were pre prominent. I think there are tag team. Trump's very early on as soon as they formed as a ham. We've talked about this in paris and actually did you go to the nineteen ninety-three dublin. Wcw show sadly naw savvy. Knock putting over to leave before to show obama chain joy. Listen to wade. Old pro wrestling focused radio shows. They clearly just to talk the back..

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