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Of wave the flag about a national health emergency and yet on the other hand they going in the direction of creating an even more fragmented response system yes so i think that's an open question i think it'll be really interesting to see the proof of kind of in the pie ankle as with all federal response as you know i think it's linking to call this a national emergency it's another thing too few mechat response action it looks like we don't know yet but we is that within recent years we have seen a stronger federal response be icing a crackdown on prescriptions we are seeing the fda finally 'pushing for more medicallyassisted treatments signing those are federal steps being taken a definite eight coordinate with some of the responses that we fencing for years now and so i i think there's some glimmers of hope here can i know you've been reporting on this for awhile and i just with with love it if you could give a little bit of the scope of of how bad it's gotten i know you have this statistic in a recent study that the opioid epidemic is killing ninety one americans every day based on cdc estimates how quickly has this escalating this is escalated fairly quickly and so i think one of the things that's really important about the fact that dynamic now that they're certified beef of addicts who got hooked on prescription medication and who are slowly being weaned after this medications that they come after available and some portion of them are switching to heroin are sent now which act similarly on your system in said they could be the same kind of high it could be the same if if you're already addicted keep you level and bec much might deathly and so we really seen overdoses spike up especially as fat now fend now senate these dangerous synthetics second infiltrate heroin supply and i think that there's no reason to believe that that is going to reverse anytime soon chris christie yes today speaking you david keiron limping television said he now and agree i recognize this is gonna get worse a fight gets better what can a kid following it now you're going to keep writing about in informing us thank you very much.

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