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They qualify for bowl as Tennessee falls to five and seven just missing bowl eligibility. But I think a good second half for the Valls. And finally, Missouri wins thirty eight to nil over Arkansas they finish up eight and four Arkansas to intend in. Yeah. Pretty nice year for Mizzou all things considered. I believe vandy players in their fourth year with the doors are now three and one an NFC. That's crap. Bad not bad believe I had this as a lock bet against Louisville. Even though Bobby Pacino's, not their hashtag betray. No, Louisville finish his one at eleven against the spread Kentucky with a pretty inept. Offense wins by forty six. All right. Let's move over to the big ten quickly. Penn State thirty eight Maryland three, Dan, there's something I need to address here as we talk about Maryland. I'm ready. I said on the last show aronie Asli that Maryland running back. Anthony McFarland was the son of one Booker McFarland. Right. I thought he was a read an article I was pointed in the direction of some conflicting information turns out, I was wrong. But I want to read to you the way that this is phrased in this article. If I could I read the same thing, I'm curious to see how you defend this Anthony McFarland junior knows that Alabama has two running backs committed. This is by the way. When he was being recruited, correct? Yeah. Cudi the top player in the country country Najji Harris, but the four star recruit from Hyatt's Ville, Maryland and not the son of former LSU Lyman Anthony booger McFarland has the crimson tide as his top school in isn't shying away from competition. Obviously, he went to Maryland the way that that's word. It implies that everyone named Anthony McFarland may be related to bouger, Dan. I could see interpreting that as you know, this four star recruit and not the son of booger McFarland. Like, let's not define him. By who his father is let's define him by his own merits. I could see you interpreting it like that. But when you actually see it written in front of you. All right. He is I I can understand the confusion with a really good football player from the south, but unfortunate with the same name. They are not related. So snot rocket is no longer in play here for Anthony MC far. Nickname wise, and he also ran for twelve yards. He ran for twelve yards. But this article would imply that everyone with the last name McFarland we need to specify that. They are not related to book or maybe they are. Okay. What did you think of this game? I didn't watch much of it. Trace McSorley goes out with a win. Yeah. Nice to see the legend absolute legend Penn State history. Nine three season though, a bit disappointing is not at all bad. Ricky Slade was out there. Getting some some work had had some two touchdowns the front seven for Penn State has had an amazing year. They produced forty three sacks on the season. They're still very young. They're going to be incredible to watch in twenty nineteen and beyond. So I think that's the building block for the new Penn State post trace McSorley, they're young across the board to they bring a ton of skill position talent back. So I'm excited about where the. Team goes in the future. Although they're going to have to figure something out beyond trace McSorley, whether it's Tommy Stevens or or someone else that will be the big question headed into next season. I thought though thirty eight to three to close it out strong the way they did they're going to get a good bowl game here. A really good way to cap off the season, Maryland, finishes what five and seven. It's been up and down year for the turps. There's been a lot going on beyond the football field. So they're gonna have to make a decision on that Canada..

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