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Two thousand four continuing on the theme of education jiminy cricket with representatives from the walt disney world community relations department and walt disneyworld ambassador. Sarah bishop drop in on a fifth grade class from west gay elementary school in west palm beach to tell the students that they are going to be honored at the walt disney world resort in may as a winners of the statewide environmental education program called jimmy crickets environmental and fire in mentality challenge. The program encourages students to think and act environmentally at home at school and in the community loss. Very good Good stuff so very good stuff. Thank you so it's time for the game name. That character named that disney. Who's who character all right. Let's go three clues. Okay i character is why is mysterious and a little crazy and i'll give one last little hints. This character is related to a news item. I might have talked about today. Newest item you say that you might have talked about today. Not i specifically might have talked about today. that's right mentioned. You mentioned a baby mandra. And there is no way that it is at all related to universal. I think so either who thank kill. You know in my book. it says refer. Seekie is a wise baboon and shaman. He somewhat mysterious in a little crazy. It is rookie jobs to present new lion cubs to the rest of the kingdom and he never forgets face. Rafiki helps simba come to terms with who. He is and embraced his place in the circle. Life now here. It said a boon but in the disney parks blog about the man drill they specifically mentioned And so my kind of take on it was that is referred mandrell or is he a boon. 'cause he looks like the mandrell. If you look at rafiki in the face it conner looks like the manor. Look you know maybe just relate more to the word baboon so they use that for ease or something. maybe. I don't know i don't know so anyway. That's why that's why i see why it is. I already looked it up the mail. Man drill is the largest living. Monkey manuals are also known as forest babboons character. Very good. so they're both correct. Okay well that's cool but anyway that out. I'm like i'll give a whole lot. I don't think very good you didn't give a lot. I'm proud of myself for that one own. You should be alright brenda. That wraps us up to you yet. Ready for.

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