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Crop for an hazelnuts, and we will likely see in overall in the United States during the twenty thousand nineteen marketing here in fact for almond and walnut. Crop production. California. One in California walnut are forecast to reach a new record high. She says that level of production is expected to contribute to lower prices this marketing season downward pressure on prices to a larger baby by lower than average stock for walnut. Grower prices will likely receive additional downward pressure from higher than average carry over supplies from. Tear likewise, projected, record hazelnut. Production is also expected to put downward pressure on grower prices for that commodity rod Baid reporting for the US department of agriculture in Washington DC. There's no question that it isn't just what you know that helps you advance in life. It's also who you know. And that goes with agriculture as well one great group of the California farm bureau federation's is the young farmers and ranchers committee and central valley. Agriculture is Ken cassava is a member of the state committee, and he helps farmers with products and regulatory compliance. He encourages other young people in the agriculture area to get involved in the young farmers and ranchers program, I've been in young farmers ranchers for almost eight years. I am the district nine Representative for the young farmers ranchers state committee, and I joined young farmers and ranchers initially, the learn more about the farm bureau organization, a young farmers ranchers has been a great experience not only for. Opened up new networking opportunities and getting to meet people up and down California. But also to help give back to our local communities. Anybody who's in.

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