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And a lot of people are choosing to refinance. Can you tell me what they're doing? Well, I think with the incredible rise in home prices, a lot of our clients that were calling in are taking the opportunity to refinance their home, pay off some debts, recreate their budgets and get themselves in a very affordable session, so that they can just keep continuing to enjoy life after taxes are done and you're moving forward into summer. People are looking at those budgets and saying, hey, I went to extra money to do some things and the best place. You have to do that is to refinance your home and consolidate some debts Antwerp, personally with first equity. What difference sheets you from another mortgage company. We take the time. We'll sit down with you. Talk to you on the phone. It will make a plan a plan that works for you so that you're choosing. What's best for you? Not me. Trying to sell you something David or call. You can reach me at seven six three to five one eight thousand. A sweet moment with..

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