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That line was scheduled open in twenty thirty six Arizona Senator Martha mcsally visited Luke air force base today. She spoke about the action she's taking to combat sexual assault in the military. KTAR Leone is live in the news center with more on that. That's right. Becky, Martha mcsally says she created a new initiative called the special victims counsel directed by congress. We now have a lawyer in the room who's actually representing the best interests of the victim, which is something that doesn't even exist in civil society. This is a pretty major the special counsel for this region was actually in the meeting with us. Earlier this month. Senator make Sally told members of the Armed Services Committee. She was sexually assaulted while. She served in the military. She said a superior officer raped her mic. Sally says she came forward to help create change in reporting and following through cases of sexual assault in the military live in the news center. KTAR news neighbors of the Maricopa mother who forced and be used her kids to star in a YouTube channel said they had no idea. This was going on behind the scenes we spoke to an abusive prevent an abuse prevention organization. Organization that tells us that we need to be aware of some of the warning signs are not playing outside are not attending school are not doing what most kids do who live in neighborhoods with their family this Rebecca rough ner with prevent child abuse Zona. And she says there's no real reason as to why some parents abused their kids at times, she says it can be linked to mental illness. We have new details on the wrong way. Driver who crashed on state route fifty one year Thomas road Tuesday night. DPS says Justin Lopez was doing ninety nine miles an hour on the surface streets and on the freeway to court documents say Lopez failed to stop and fled from police before crashing into the median. He's facing multiple charges, including aggravated DUI and the family of Elaine hers Berg, the woman hit and killed by a self driving. Uber is suing the city of timpee and the state KTAR is legal expert. Monica. Lindstrom says the family settled privately with Uber less than two weeks. After the wreck the plaintiffs allege both Zona in Tempe were negligent responsible for the death because they failed to provide oversight. An Uber self-driving program and technology. Lindstrom says the plaintiffs have a difficult case due to the investigation so far and the technical aspects of the self driving technology. It's also likely that case won't be resolved for a few years. It is coming up on five seven. So let's get another look at traffic.

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