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You think credit. Thank Yes. Thank credit. Yes, calm. That's credit yes dot com. No. From Katie. Th in Seattle, the Emerald City exile Todd Herman, It is and always will be an honor to be with you on this on Lee Rush Limbaugh program on today, the day the Lord is Vaid and these times to which God has decided we will live. You know the full number by heart. Come on now, 800 to 82 to 82 love to chat with you. There's gonna be plenty of time to debate the jury's verdict on and there's going to be placed. I'm gonna get that We will dig into that. I don't want to start with recognizing that none of us were in that room. I disagree with the jury's verdict. I think that there was rampant. Just detailed reasons for reasonable doubt in the trial of Derek Shop in And we can dig into that. And you know, we were availed of so much new information, all of us. I'm guessing all of us when we watched that human, you know, infamous nine minutes. We're sick. And I know Rush was outraged. And as these is, the trial has gone on people who have absolutely observed the trial. We've noticed some things. Like for some reason, the prosecution did not want the jury availed of the autopsy report. That's not that's not information. They felt the jury should have. We also noticed those of us who are watching that there was a mob of people led by a congresswoman of sorts. Auntie Maxine. Who had said this is the only acceptable outcome. And that mob was outside. The courthouse. And that mob had made it very clear there's going to be violence. Unless you do exactly what we're telling you to do. And now on the West Coast. There was, of course, the riots in Portland already knew that was coming. I want you to know That antifa and black lives matter incorporated to domestic terror groups. You know, black lives obviously matters why we can't back these domestic terror groups responsible for the loss of so many black lives. They're distributing some leaflets and some Yes, they do leaflets and digital imagery and their vandalizing buildings with an interesting phrase. All cops are shoving. All cops. My email box is just filled. With messages from police officers, my direct messages on Twitter and they vary their cops there saying, I'm done. I'm packing it in. There are cops who are saying You know what? I hate to say it, but just let it burn. There are cops who were saying I'm gonna stick in, but all of them want one thing, and that is to hear their voice. Reflected With this They've asked me to say. So let them know. There are those of us who still know What thin blue line means. And we still know the men and women who strap it on. I'm gonna work. Are just like us moms and dads. Doing what they think is right. Most of them like us do our jobs honestly. The vast, vast, unknown, overwhelming majority, honestly, with great care, understanding the incredible power they're given with badges and guns. And they want to know. That we haven't given up on them. And that we respect them. To a person they want to know this and we do. So in the phones today, if you are in law enforcement you happen to get through. If you try to get through, you do get through. Please let us know. We do think your voice should be heard in this because people's voices from the top of being heard the Democrat power structure was ready to make a meal of this. That's never going to be enough. This was never about justice. It's just to move on to the next outrages. They continue to use race to make race issues worse so they can tear the country apart and pick up the pieces to put into their own power structure. Joe Biden's dementia read from Barack Obama's TelePrompTer, a jury Minnesota found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Showman. Guilty on all counts. The murder. George Floors. Last name. It was a murder in full light of day. Ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see. Systemic racism system. Immigration's is this stain on our nation's soul, the knee on the neck of justice for black Americans. Found fear and trauma..

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