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Home stay healthy order commerce's and phone reports from green like the farmers are doing a lot of work to make sure that there is minimal touch you know nobody's touching produce before giving it to the consumers the market is open on the Saturday the ballots farmers market is open on Sunday but there's no telling what happens next weekends the U. district market manager told komo news there's been an overwhelming show of support from shoppers and vendors you know we're happy to come out and then try to do that we can safely and we want to know more than a and we're miles away green lake park is seeing a lot of people passing through people out for a stroll others out for a run it's really important for your mental health I think to be able to get out in nature the city of Seattle says all parks and beaches have been reopened keep in mind of the loop trails around green lake and at Seward park are only open to pedestrians and it's one way I think that's a good idea on corners protesters today in Salem Oregon demanding the state be re opened for business and for the stay at home orders there to be lifted the protest was organized by a woman who insists the current restrictions are government over reach nickel for Springfield call on lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to come up with an exit strategy to end restrictions on government given excess power by the people will ultimately use that power against the people and there's a word for that it's called tearing a similar protest is already planned for may second.

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