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Gravel is our producer coming up? Wet. Heavy snow is coming. The biggest betting event of the year is almost upon us. I'm John Doman. What happens next with Amazon's playing for a helix shaped tower here? I'm Christi King. W. T o P news time to 31 as he laid out his case for his proposed $1.9 Trillion in Corona virus relief. President Biden made an interesting concession this week he opened the door to proceeding without Republicans, but he conceded that hiking the minimum Wage to $15 an hour was unlikely to make it out of Congress, The highest court in the land says no to California's indoor church service ban The Supreme Court is telling California it cannot enforce a ban on indoor church services because of covert 19. The high court issued orders late Friday in two cases where churches had sued over covert 19 related restrictions in this state, the high court said. For now, California can't ban indoor worship in areas where virus cases air surging. It can't kept indoor services at 25% of a building's capacity. The justices also declined to stop the state from barring singing and chanting It services. The court's three liberal justices dissented. I'm surely Adler w t OBY News time. 2 32. CBS News brief. Don't do it. That's what health experts are telling people about having Super Bowl parties, CBS News Medical contributor Dr David Vegas. I hope and hope and hope that people don't get together for the Super Bowl or the ramifications. Will be significant. But Tampa lawyer Joe Bryant wants to have a bigger party with more than the 10 guests. The city is allowing. You want to watch the game together in Tampa bore precluded..

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