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I didn't but my point wanting to have her on other than i think for i think the circumstance of roost at all know who she was i didn't see it but the general use of vulgar language toward the eighth graders leads me in what i really wanted to talk about with the spot here and that's that speaking tonight at the university of missouri in colombia missouri sir senator obama said no near the beginning of the speech we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america and i gotta tell you it's not that i wanna be pious and say that wasn't vulgar talk before president obama 'cause that's not the truth but we've become so care lost and so easier throwing around foul language to try people in the renal a public opinion rather than due process i think that the his narrative that he advanced as our culture i'm not i don't wanna give them all the credit or discredit but i think it married up find will social media because now you watch the folks on social media what's this guy's name weinstein listen this guy has been under full for a long time he's a millionaire i i jolt when i was on the morning show for a brief minute i wonder if hillary clinton is going to take the money that he contributed in a was a lot of money to her campaign take that money and give it to some organization that helps women that have been abused and john said this morning where she spent it diminishes multi multimillionaire her bill clinton bill have bills their broke the woman a woman left the white house they were storm broke crossword she served her idea being stoned brokers many millions but that's a whole nother world but i just wonder what.

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