Senator John Thune, The House, President Trump discussed on Midday's with Michael Estridge


Of of having a a reasonable teacher salaries on the average in third is making impact is the shortage lessening do we have teachers in the pipeline do we have teachers that are being retained um and so that both the ultimate test some of these school districts mesli teacher pay formula by a ten of a percent senators will attempt to a debate tax reform as they returned to washington this week south dakota senator john thune says they have to pass the budget first budget resolution after give instructions to finance committee ways and means committee in the house about how you know what the parameters for tax reform our thune says they've been through a lot of the details already tax reform can be incredibly timeconsuming it already has been spent two hours eight under know days weeks already in discussions and hearings talking about this and you're getting ready for it so now it's time to to to move it forward thune says they'd like to get something passed by the end of the year oh toy i will get to a point like i said where but we can actually produce legislation and hopefully a put a bill on the president's desk before the end of the year and that does uh movie account of you in a different direction precondition to offer economic growth and and the greater job creation and higher wages bigger paychex senators plan to use the reconciliation process which means they would only need fifty one votes to move the bill federal campaignfinance records show shan tell crabs congressional campaign outraged her republican opponent dusty johnson in the third quarter of 2017 crab who now serves as south dakota secretary of state reported raising more than one hundred thirty thousand dollars.

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