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97.1 Wash FM. Where Toby and chilly in the morning so quick, quick poll of the class. How many of us are wearing stretchy pants and or elastic waistbands? I'm actually wearing jeans. Can you believe that? I don't know what possessed me to put these on? But I've got on genes produce your Caillaux are wearing stretch of cancer or normal. Pants. I swept in sweatpants. Very comfortable. I've got a confession to make guys over the last. I guess the last week that the pool where producer Kayla and I have been living has been open. I have been wearing swimsuits Wait as normal clothes. I have warned swimsuits as my lower half for the last week straight. I have had a rotation of swim, swim Wear today. I'm wearing all black ones that feel like they're about a size too small because of the whole pandemic Pound Thing, and I'm not feeling super comfortable, but I'm going to wear them anyway, as a reminder that I need to cardio up. So you're telling me that you put on swim shorts as regular shorts? At some point, you go to the pool, and then you come back. And then you change into a different pair of shorts. Swimsuit. Yeah, I have, like, you know, five or six swimsuits have a rotation of them. So I decided, I guess you know, after I got back from her sheet that and the pool was gonna open What's the day the pull open and put on some swim shorts as it were, And I just have been wearing swimwear ever since, at least for the lower half of it's all business up top. Different T shirt, different kind of whatever, sometimes college shirt. But, yes, I am pull ready at a moment's notice whenever in the situation whenever the spirit might hit me that I could go to the pool and guys swim shorts are made so that they look like regular short. So you guys are lucky that way Women we couldn't get couldn't get away with walking around with just bikini bottoms necessarily, like what we could, I suppose. Try a little more like we're in our underwear. I know. It would look a little odd, but yes, I got called out on it. Yesterday I was walking the dog and I passed by a member of the leasing office and I complained about the pool being closed on Mondays, and they're like Hey, By the way, that's your in your swimwear right now. And I'm like, Yep, I'm ready to go at a moment's notice as soon as you decide to reopen that pull on Mondays, and they were like, Wow, and he's like, you know, come to think of it. I haven't seen you wearing anything but a swimsuit. The last few days, and I'm like, Well, there must be a theme. But anyway, so now you know, and knowing is half the battle. But then again, we live in the age of screens, and we meet over things like Microsoft teams, so nobody really knows what's going on downstairs as it were, But upstairs, it's all business to 97.1. Wash fmoore Tilbian chilly in the morning. Welcome to Tuesday, and Lisa Baiting is here right now, with a look at traffic. What's going on, man? Say.

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