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Into the atmosphere and then the volcanoes could have burst the earth became shrouded in dust and we actually actually have a very good geological record. This is why the flat earth irs the the people who are denials who deny evolution and have a real problem problem here because we can see in the fossil record. <hes> you know the clear division in these barriers when over ninety percent approximately depending on the floor on the final you're looking looking at this species became extinct. The earth became dark and shrouded in dust and then fund drive took over in fact. They've been identify a fungus as predominant imminent culver dubya sporran i._d.'s it would do guess for nineties in the fossil record predominant fungus associated with forest lands <hes> that gobbled up the forest debris him you and so we steer forward to the time of gondwanaland an impact gio and then we ed continents forum with continental drift and then gondwanaland formed and the continents became as they were true. I still remember when i was in the third grade. I raised my hand and geology class. As a teacher looks like this like a puzzle you could just put them together and he goes no coincidence. You know and i think we should listen to children more often. They they can see the obvious so we go forward now from one hundred and forty million years ago hundred and in ten million years ago the oldest representation putatively of a mushroom ever found and sediment layer in brazil mushrooms and very soft so the fact is mineralized to form a fossil is amazing but there is a mushroom one hundred and ten million years ago bosh rooms had their form well before we had ours ars. These are ancestry organisms the dodgers miscellaneous little fungi growing on the ground. These are elders. These are ancient individuals individuals these are.

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