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Three seven sixty six sixty six and the reminders of all harsh reality they are inescapable temporary hospital be set up in Central Park what's going on over at the Javits center it's a day to day reminder of the world we live in where this virus has taken over every element the hallway alive for what we do for we try to find the little things to help you pass the time and this weekend reality hits home that much more it's another full week of nonstop lockdown nonstop quarantine trying to keep everybody safe trying to help out any of our medical people and what not but the best thing we can do is we said over and over again it follows guidelines and so that's exactly what I'm doing over the weekend and you don't normally draw up the final weekend in March to be in a lockdown signet binging seven episodes of love is blind and trying to figure out what you're going to do to pass the time whether it's a little I'm a be the show maybe it's doing a puzzle maybe still a little reading I know I speak on behalf of many of you that while we had been in lock down it's like the challenge of trying to stimulate your mind trying to stimulate your body and doing whatever you need to do I'm trying to go for runs but trying to get my exercise doing all that sort of stuff but doing so in a safe manner that said I kind of took a full break of sports from the weekend and I can't tell you the last time I've done that I really can't Mabel is in Colombia but even then I'm looking at the phone and see what's going on so I'm never really off even when I want to be often never really off let's be honest what is our woes trying to find a movie to watch and for the two channels and I'm scrolling through here I'm scrolling through their come across an old NBA game from nineteen ninety four that I guess NBA TV was showing because it seem like their team throughout the weekend from just taking a peek at Twitter and see what's going on in the world was old school mix bowls games which for the most part are gonna bring you a whole lot of pain is going to bring you a whole lot of anger thinking about what could have been in so many of those years book as I sit there for like eight minutes before I go make dinner watching Scotty Pippin go off Christmas day ninety four it really had me thinking you know all the polls with Michael Jordan even though ninety four Michael Jordan was doing god knows what play baseball be forced to retire what went on was father gambling debts I mean all the theories are out there that's one of those great conspiracy theories that maybe we cannot investigate dive into well we got some time on our hands Boyle those bulls teams with the ultimate goal on the side and the ethnic of Akis I know them get from Jordan who for my money is the best to ever do it Scotty Pippin who's a top fifty all time player Debbie Harry the Horace grant the first three years that you had Dennis Rodman take his place yeah totally cool coach at BJ Armstrong at will go along we had build winning team Ron Harper Steve Kerr terrific terrific things and how is a Nick fan going back to that glory day era that now is looked upon very fondly because of how Baghdad the next been for the better part of two decades you know I think about those Jordan bulls teams and I just absolutely hate it because the Knicks could never be as good as the next war they could never ever ever get passed Michael Jordan let's be honest the only time they got past Chicago what mattered was nineteen ninety four when Jordan was on his basketball hiatus name it's a controversial call from U. highlands in order to get there those bulls teams found ways to break your heart weather was the first time they put in the post season Charles Smith game Jordan coming back bring it back as I always like to say he brings it back like forty five that's one of my sayings on a craps table for those of you keeping score at home which I hit a four five you bring it back like short because he brought it back in jump to double nickel I'm an ex M. S. J. and it proceeded to go on with three more championships Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls war that object in the way the knickerbockers that they could never get past so when I think about teams that I've grown to hate over the years from my early days a sports fan and I'll they are certainly at the top of the list the only one I thought of and I guess these brings it full circle about some of those painful losses from last week the highly Yankee red Sox rivalry for my money it's two thousand and three to like two thousand and seven two thousand and eight where are you had heavyweight battles you had a red Sox team that was deal with all the adversity of the curse of the Bambino nineteen eighteen Baki Faulkner you name it but in two thousand three is pretty obvious the right size which it from Manny Ramirez the way he dropped bombs the David Ortiz common from being non tendered by the Minnesota Twins for sure Johnny Damon was there Pedro Martinez who is always walking the Aggies intimidating Yankees and dominate everybody was there a leader at the top of the rotation it was like yeah the red Sox occurs dates nineteen eighteen but this team dropping bombs gonna be a problem and they were thirty eighty seven games and all three and a two thousand four the hatred was ratcheted up another level because then that cal Boyle I think yes I had the big stores like manning in page up then the third dog C. hate like Varitek Amtrak Nixon when outdated Curt Schilling I think about that two thousand four red Sox team if you're Yankee fan you absolutely hated that group you hated pager hated feeling Hey Amanda yeah I hate a poppy Varitek's get into it with outsiders yes in order for team to kind of fit that criteria they had a beach that break your heart that's what the red sizeable del from being down three oh to come back to winning that American League Championship Series those two groups specifically what I think IT teams over the years that just absolutely couldn't stand the Jordan balls the red Sox were they take now there are many more of you know particular teams that didn't necessarily have that seem moonbeam perspective but I hated him because a dominance like the warriors to get sick and tired of them lebron's heat team I got sick and tired of them shacking Kobe's Lakers there are three P. I couldn't stand any of those teams so I think one route against a great team in many many regards but people wonder why I have to mention the patriots and make no mistake the patriots for while we're there for me when the patriots were going for a perfect season that was probably the peak of my nature with that chance to care that David Tyree Michael Strahan Eli manning Hallelujah bought after that two thousand and what seven season and which they missed out on nineteen and I'll it got to a point for me with New England when they were just so good they were so dominant they were so much better than everybody else in the NFL that I kind of found myself showing that respect shown that low mainly due to the fact that my team the dolphins or pure Jeff van or if your bills fan they were up to par so for a team to do that in a salary cap era for almost two decades one vision basically every year going all the safety titles gore is double nine times and winning it six times it's like what is this this is like a bell they just too damn good so my hatred of the patriots kind of diminished over time and maybe it's the fact that they were good to me and to those super bowls actually three to super bowls Seattle LA Atlanta and in a loss to the Philadelphia so it's important of a strict my football picks that could be product regular season picks last your embarrassment but the super ball oh my goodness I lost one going back to Denver and Seattle many moons ago but I guess what I'm getting at here folks in order to heat that given team and fourteen the like take the cake over a period of time as the one you hate the most I'm sorry they had a damn good and I got to inflict some sort of a motion area some sort of anger some sort of frustration joins bowls your net fan chipper Jones Atlanta Braves so how about she sells Philadelphia Phillies so many different ways to go it said Aberdeen New Jersey Salas up next these on a phallus up Sally salad checking in okay I got it well first thing my my wife got me hooked on ninety day fiance and now we're in the third season bows off right now so that's that's one day's fiance after my love is blind excursion I don't know if I could get in the ninety day fiance but somehow you have to give me the the recap on okay another pile of do that which way I go towards the with the sport I love Robert you've got my blood boiling I grew up in Massapequa Long Island so I'm around the fan from the beginning so I hated the Rangers the seventy four seventy five season when they beat them in the quarterfinals preseason goal that was great are the other two teams I can't stand that error on the Broad Street bullies and the big bad Bruins I remember game in January seventy five when Gillies beat the crap out of chills and that basically put us on the map to show Hey we're not going to be pushed over anymore and that's the year that they beat the Rangers and they took the flyers who eventually won the Stanley Cup the seven games that year two of the games that really killed me or or Rangers seventy seventy nine when we were the presidents trophy winners and then we lost that game and in seventy seventy seventy nine eighty one we actually won the Cup they had a big series against the Bruins and they took that series and it was a huge fight masters that sparked the Allens and we won the Cup that year players I couldn't stand back then was you know obviously was quark shields Bob Kelly you know Wayne Cashman all all guys that were Intimidators but the islanders you know to show their fortitude and said Hey we're not taking a crap anymore and propelled them to four Stanley cups it's funny self the islanders of the early nineteen eighties have brought out a lot of emotion you guys I've noticed that either on a love or hate aspect your range van could stand up voice Jacobson offset before I love the fan it's like the idea of being a bad guy well my freedom and want to live in that world of the island is a win four Stanley cups maybe in a lifetime nominal eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six will wrap it up when it comes to that group over a period of vinyl two three four years a given team thank you just hated the most is a sports fan you tell me who that is now with the latest radio dot com sports minute is in Los hi many warrants with the radio dot com sports minute such a.

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