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Yes joni mitchell than it are you disagree with me yes am margaret because i was the disc jockey you want dad had dealings the what's this flakes i'd lives joni mitchell it was joni mitchell lincoln disagree whose very was right it was joni mitchell and she sang a song i looked at the time i looked at the side of both sides now i've looked at the side having something like that i've looked at life i have looked at life from both sides now from up and down i don't know the name and i don't even know what it what it has to do them saying but when you look at it from all sides that's what i want to say that's the best way to protest right let him to stand there with her hand in their pants and do you general you may think that disrespectful but i it gives them the opportunity to be to make a statement with his pants to be dismissed because they're standing there showing respect general i i've been i've got a deal you think should respect by standing yes but the the pets that damn saying 'i stand with respect for my flag but i've got a hey i got one hand in the pan hand is reserved for you know uh reserve handling or that you know that if he gets show you don't want to hear both sides now from up and down and still somehow joni mitchell all right well let the gentle saying like the general was and what he's saying now is for you people just put it out what you're saying is the head in the pants is better than to abort i'm not bad.

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