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I think that's also going to be a train wreck of a team. I love love. Love the chargers over season win total. I think the charges are nine. I love that team. And i i feel like they automatically get better and probably get an extra two wins just by anthony lynn. Being gone he was such a bad decision maker. and they're very few coaches. Who really have that much of an impact on season win. Totals over the years. you know. Obviously bill belichick has been one of those countries that professional batteries are still willing to give him credit for a winner to over the course of year. Anti is one of those coaches who you had to assume they would win fewer games because his decision making and time management is so so bad so i think they approve automatically just by having gone justin. Her obviously had a great year. What he proved was that he was so thoughtful in accurate in these things that you sometimes see with rookies that have a great year and then regress. I don't see him aggressing largely because a they improve their offense line and be they get so much better defensively just by getting healthy and so all of a sudden they are improved. Dramatically improved team off of a team. That could have been really really good. So i love. The chargers over nine wins this year to check him out on social media. At chad millman..

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