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A lot of people are anxious stock market goes up. It goes down. We really don't know why we just look at our retirement accounts. And we see us losing a lot of money and we start to panic to worry. And that's what you help to avoid with a lot of people with the one page retirement in complaint. So let's recap in case folks are just joining us right now, we've talked about the market downturn in October, which the market lost all of its two thousand eighteen gains in just three weeks in October thing about fast that occurred all of the Dow gains. Lost in about three weeks. You know up on escalator down on the elevator. There's lots of uncertainty out there. And I I believe there's lots of volatility ahead. The one thing that we're really trying to point out and get people to focus on is what is your plan to maintain your life savings? So you can retire on time with the income you need joepat. You talk about retiring on time. And you think about all the years that you've worked the last thing that a lot of people wanna do is have to go back to work or delay that retirement date when the market goes down, and we're specifically talking about the market today. Because again going back last month, it was is tremendously volatile month. And that's where sequence of returns comes in. Which is when you are taking money out of your retirement accounts, and the markets also taking money out of your retirement accounts because there was a hit. That's where we start to go in trouble. If you're going into retirement, and this is happy. Opening joepat folks are going to have to delay delay. That's not what we want Mike, especially in retirement because after all how much time do you have left? I call called a poor fellow one time, and I told him about some investment ahead. And he goes sunny, I don't even buy green bananas anymore. He's telling me he didn't have much time left. He seemed like less backup. Just a second. Let's focus on what's the number one most important thing in our life. It's our loved ones the people we love.

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