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Yeah, New Orleans could move up for a quarterback. They almost moved up for Matt Jones last year, so they really like Malik Willis. They could be moving up again for a quarterback. But they're not moving down. So the reason I point this out is when you get to this point here, where are the Patriots options to trade up? I would say 11 or 12, but those are extreme jumps. Yes. The only other team, I think maybe looks to move back as the Chargers at 17. I could see it. Ross is pretty set. They just might want to consolidate pics. Is that their needs and the Patriots needs line up pretty nicely in terms of what the prospects that they might be going after. Jordan Davis makes sense for the Chargers, a wide receiver makes sense for the Chargers, one of the corners makes sense for the Chargers. Just like the Patriots. So what they really give up that pick to the Patriots, knowing that the Patriots are probably going to take one of the guys that was at the top of their own board. That's a tough part about that marriage. We talked about the eagles in the saints probably not moving down. So really you're going up in the 11 through 14 range. If you really want to trade up, that's really the only way that you're going to, you're going to have to jump the Chargers, I think. I don't think you can trade with them. I think you have to jump. Okay. So basically what we've learned here from this little experiment, I'm glad we did this. Yes. Super unlikely. Super nice. I don't want to say unlikely. Super difficult for the Patriots to trade off this year. Very, very difficult for the Patriots to move up, or if there would be very expensive. One or the other. So I just want to see what happens at 17. Maybe we can figure out a way to justify something. Jordan Davis is still on the board. Okay, so Jordan Davis is still here. Yeah, we know the idiot math coach doesn't care about the run. That's not true. Stop it. There are 29 to get the run last pair. Yeah, no, they were terrible against the run last year, which is why Jordan Davis makes so much sense for them with this pick..

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