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To governor cuomo cynthia nixon held her first campaign event today in brownsville brooklyn on the ten ten wins ring central newsline here's our roger stern she arrived here by subway digging the governor for how long it took i allowed an hour and a half for what should have been a thirty minute ride cuomo's mta from there it was onto her progressive agenda for better schools tenants rights and economic equality andrew cuomo has given massive tax breaks to corporations and the super rich well he has decimated our infrastructure and starved our state for governor cuomo's thirty million dollar war chest i ask cynthia nixon if she's concerned about that i think should be concerned that point one percent of that thirty one billion dollars million dollars is from regular new yorkers roger stern ten ten wins in brownsville wins news time one oh six growing controversy over facebook and how data on users was mine and for political purposes at issue is the work of cambridge politica which collected information from fifty million facebook users the new york times says it was used in the it used the information that is to try to sway elections a report in the uk suggests the company was prepared to consider using bribes and entrapment to create content it could then post to the internet in an effort to influence voters california democratic congresswoman jackie speier says the matter needs to be investigated i think we really need to find out whether or not in their conversations with luck well which is a russian oil company whether or not that was really a pretense to use what is called russian cutouts and they were in fact informing russia and maybe even working with russia and the trump campaign cambridge analytic denies any wrongdoing president trump applauds president poten that story in a moment wins news time one oh you know before boost.

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