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And Henderson, make snap Evans, of course, out of Ben Davis high school in Indianapolis. He's a junior five eleven to sixteen at four hundred three yards rushing this year averaging over five yards a carry. He's to the left of Patterson now is in the shotgun to receivers split, right? Patterson calling for the ball gets it. Looks to throw throw throw. He's got his victory at the thirty five yard line to the thirty nine. He's not John Taylor. But nice throw. Nice protection Cain of twenty seven. And a first down for the wolverines. While Zach gentry that time running out a deep out pattern, and he was really wide open Florida lost track of him Florida playing zone and jet found a huge hole over the corner and in front of the safety at Patterson found a that's a pretty easy pitch and catch Christian Turner into the game. Now, he gets the ball. He tries to break over right guard hill only get a yard at the running back spot safety. John Taylor on the stop down on the sideline crash guys. I went down to the end zone to get right behind that first series for Michigan. It's CD offensive line at the point of attack. Give them a check plus for bouncing back after not being able to run up. Middle on those two short yardage plays. Good job creating seeds for Chris Evans there. They go unbalanced in kind of a weird formation. There's a wing between the center and guard. They fake to Turner rolling. Right. Is Patterson throws. And it's incomplete intended for mccune thrown a little behind mccune. It would've been a first down at midfield. But there's an interesting formation, Dan, well, shape Patterson was late with this ball mccune was wide open before that. And by the time shea delivers it he does throw it behind, Sean. Mccune maybe could have handled that, but it would have been a very difficult catch the throw the shape Patterson would like to have over true Wilson. Now the running back for Michigan in this third down in nine play for the wolverines the ball is spotted at the thirty nine yard line. Tariq lack is split wide. Right back to throw Patterson looking. Let's coming. He's gonna go down sack by CJ Henderson. The wolverines will be forced to kick it away after thirty nine sac by the cornerback. CJ Henderson for Florida. And he comes off the edge and the Michigan offense at live by the time. They realize that there's a corner blitz coming over left guard. They can't react back into it. Pretty well disguised by Florida. But we talked about that earlier. Third long will heart kicks it away for Michigan. Swain makes the fair catch at the twenty five yard line of Florida will take over first and ten. Nine twenty nine left to play in the first quarter at the chick filet peach bowl, Michigan zero Florida's zero. This is Michigan football. My in your state mutual insurance company in Michigan football had been Michigan tradition for over one hundred years from the state, we call home to the communities. We're a part of you in football knows Michigan and sodas pioneer..

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