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Kanus AM seven ninety two sounds most stimulating talk. Thank you for hanging out three things that I think you need to know number one. We were the first reported the U of a president, rob Robbins. On the down. Low went down to the Tucson sector border patrol station to apologize to border patrol agents. We broke that yesterday. What was in the eight o'clock hour, nine o'clock hour wanna make sure that you get that. But here's the thing. I sent an Email or is he gonna make any kind of public statement. And I have not received anything. So he publicly gave us he gave a statement that did basically nothing didn't condemn the girl for attacking border patrol chased intimate verbally attacking them. But he tried very quietly to say sorry. And I support you that is weak. Trying to both ways. This is pathetic. By rob Robbins, second thing, I think you need to know. And this maybe we'll do this. Instead, this is kind of a big deal you want to know why we need the wall. Oh, baby Tucson sector border patrol agents. Apprehended a self admitted MS thirteen gang member and a man with a violent criminal history after they illegally entered our country in different events this weekend. A twenty six year old Mexican national near Calicut Zona entered illegally during processing he admitted. He's eight MS thirteen gang member that was Friday night Sunday night. A guy named Gildo Diaz Arroyo illegally later. The country was arrested. They checked his background. He's forty eight repeat offender in Phoenix convicted of sexual assault of a minor ninety eight DUI two thousand five only the wall right third thing that I think you need to know how about this. We'll keep it on this. Customs and border patrol. Put out information over the weekend. I believe.

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