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And so what started out as to one country that had ethnic problems broke into multiple countries of which one is now dominant and it's not the historically dominant part and that's all about economics now about education stability democracy india has more of all of those things than pakistan does sri lanka will have twenty five years of civil war ethnic civil war and actually have one group win two sri lankan garment will eventually conquer northern sri lanka which rarely happens in carrillo wars they will actually conqueror in win it to to reform a unified sri lanka you'll have a maoist prochinese civil war low levels of war going on the paul for what is it twenty years now which of course will make the government of the paul more dictatorial because to hut down carrillo's the government needs more power to spy on its people which of course makes people more angry with the government but nepal has the himalayas and so makes can make up some of that money in tourism burma became a military dictatorship and basically disappeared from the world for twenty five thirty plus years it's only recently re entered world economic and political life and india pakistan continue to as countries hate each other now here's the interesting thing muslims in india do better than muslim pakistan muslims in india despite problems of of racism for lack of a way of calling it do succeed much of the actors in india much of the great actors are muslim.

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