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Word. That's it. And let's take this cursor and bring it down. And say Hello to Bob in Peabody. Good morning. Hey, bob. How are you? Hi, good to hear your deem. Glad to know you're alive, and well, and I am very much. Both I figured you were in the trunk some. Bruce. No. Automobile anymore. My lincoln. I got a whole towncar would have fit both dean. No, I I'm walking out of here. I'm not being carried out on my shield as the expression. Yeah. I was gonna say he was quite gracious. Have you in agreement with that other woman? He was gracious have you and then he started singing. So. Theory know, Bob, this remote people waiting shape button. It is it is it to fry to reverse. No, it's never too late for that. Anyway, I was just going to say I think dean is the only dean in the country not on Lori Laughlin speed. Dial. Oh, hey, we have to use. Yeah. She had a whole heap. Trouble. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Manton paying that much money. So you can go to school. Yeah. Yeah. And US for Yale or Stanford. I can sort of see what they're thinking. But USC is the acceptance rate that low. Well, you know, what it all broke in Boston? I'm wondering if someone tried to do it for the kid at Harvard. Harvard goes, no, we don't we don't. We don't here. We're blowing the whistle long and hard. I don't think I've ever got this definitive answer. Why this all broke out Harvard tear here in Massachusetts? I yeah. Yeah. I know quick question when you're talking about old stuff. Don't you think Lori is Bob Kraft's favorite person of the moment to though? Keeps them. Oh my goodness. Gracious. Not not touch about one. Really? Quick question on steep Lavelli. You mentioned how he won't come back. Didn't he only wants come back? And and was it with Jen. Yes. Would like one hour or two hours that he fell into each other's path? And he was her. I thought that was odd because she was there so briefly and how he would never do it again for anyone else that he had stronger ties to write like, Jordan, even you know, surprise me, I understand and in the same spirit. I I know you pass around sometimes Donna helper. And Mel Simon sort of have gone on with several of you in the same spirit of deans, not going to be on very much. I wonder if he can give you his blessing to pass Terry Downes over it's another name, Terry. What my there are people who have asked me on the air, and privately about some of dean's regulars deny will work it out. Well, he's the one that I would I would strongly recommend. He's a good, man. Good man, Mike. Donovan donovan. Okay. Very quick thing. I'm not sure four times. Now. I don't think I never quick this assists. Dow very quick because it's a bit of a high a bit of an awesome thing. But I remember you're much of a Trekkie. And I think dean a little bit to just eat at Morgan. I've we've discussed the new show how it's now captain pike. Yes, I just I don't wanna ruin too much of it. But last week sparked kidnapped a lot of them and took them to tell us for where the original series all began. This whole thing's going, I don't know there's about five more episodes this season. But it's it's obvious. This is all going to loop back around back into that. And and why have a linguistic question, you know, in the in the episode? You know, how the pike went in the original series. He went there twice one healthy and Watson the wheelchair. Yes. This episode last week fits in between them. So we no longer have a sequel. We no longer have a prequel. What do we call? This. Is it an inkwell fits in the middle of night park. Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. I had. One more one more one more. But you will you will like this. And this is it. No more one Moore's okay episode at the very beginning. A lot of weeks. It says previously on Star Trek, and they show something from the week before last week. They had those original scenes from nineteen sixty two or whatever. Yeah. Previously on track. And I was like, oh, yeah. About what fifty seven years ago? Five not sixty two if you know your trick. I don't, but I'm just saying that ever been done before where they why ESN all EMC you question and you'll have to listen off the air, and I'm gonna put. Live long and prosper. No, no, no. John Michael back on hold. And they did this on deep space nine where the trouble with triples episode. They intermingled the original showing of that David Joe wrote the episode way back in sixty seven or so and deep space nine did that so captain Cisco was on the enterprise back then so have they ever done that before? Yes, Bob, if you really know your track, you would have known that. And now I was being sarcastic. But that's actual and factual from what song that hails Keith. Hello. Keith. How are you? Not too bad. Good. What is going on here? Dean johnson. Are we tiring from WBZ? Or are we taking the world? Perfect radio boys ain't going someplace else. Oh, no. No. I we we had a meeting of the minds here. I'm not I'm not jumping ship. It was deemed needs a time out for the time being as I said, the the hours just killing me. I I don't know. How Morgan a well. I do. Is it the our material or I don't know? I I this has been a lot of fun doing this. And I. L'armee knights arrive adjusted. Yeah, I, you know, it's just those last couple of hours or the like so is I said this in my particular case, this was a meeting of the minds. It's a mutual thing. I have no complaints at all about how this all played out in with management, and you can tell that management actually suggested I come on Morgan show to say goodbye means that they know I'm good with a two and I'm good with them. I I can't say enough about the the time I spent here in management for you. Are you going someplace else? I am. I see. Here's the problem with busy where do you go? After that. Where do you go? I will continue doing network. Yeah. I will continue doing some writing the lichen knows, you know, I'm leaving things open. But for the time being this is this is it for the time being a great six year run. And and but after a while I just got to take a little time away from the overnight schedule, and we'll see what happens to continue to write anyway. Are we going to be working days or I will continue as I said as a writer, which I always have been. But for the time being there is no radio in the future. And that could change. So I'm so I'm gonna miss the I'm gonna miss the perfect radio voice. Radio's day, isn't it? It's very kind of you to say that. And I always think I have always had an awful radio voice. Isn't that funny? That ravioli you have a great great. In a previous aradio life. I used to call by self squeaky dean because. Never never good radio. Not not. But thank you for the kind words. But this is I've had a lot of fun here. And it's not because I don't like doing radio. This is a great fun. And as you said, it's hard work. You take care of this a slot. Open for you when you get when you when you come back. Thanks very much. You take care. It goes Keith. Let's take our last break, Michael Chester in dick, Rick. I'm sorry. I'll do the best. I can get all of you to stand in front of dean germs Johnson and kiss his rings here. I'm busy time. Three sixteen and thirty six degrees Morgan show on WBZ.

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