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Do appreciate it. Let's go to Mike next in Micah's in South Carolina. Hey, Mike. Hey, what's going on, Paul, how are you doing bud? We are doing great. Thank you. That's awesome. Yeah, there's a first time I was there able to get through to you, man. I've been a listener for a long time. Thank you. Just have to be able to talk to you, man. I love your show. I love what you do. Not too happy to too many of your callers, but I just want to talk based on so much negativity in college football. We find one little thing about one team and we just bleed it out. And yeah, it takes C and M, you say what you want to, if they're doing it right and players or how are that goes? I'm not sure, but I don't care, but I just want to give credit where credit's due, Shane beamer, South Carolina is doing it the right way. His players love him. He's a devoted coach, and I'm just so happy because I went through the O and 21 with soccer ilana. And Lou holtz first year bust second year I was there for New Mexico state. I just missed the good days, man. I missed back when players wanted to play for coaches and coaches wanted to be there and it wasn't about the money. I just, I'm tired of negativity and college football. That's all. We are officially out of time for this program. We appreciate all of you for being a part of it. Some really interesting guests today will see you right here tomorrow..

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