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I. Honestly, this is what you know. Many Canadians of color go through every day. I think casual racism in Canada is so acceptable that we don't even see it is racism. So I! Think what you know Jagmeet Singh was responding to a racial microaggressions. And so. It's no wonder that I stand with Jagmeet was trending the next day and you know what I mean. He has galvanized Or has the potential to galvanize him mood. Amongst people who have been previously left out by both by by. Off the Arosh, what do you see this moment and and to to Erica's point, the opportunity for a leader to galvanize a mood. I think he's very good at that and I. think that he has touched something. On something that is taking a life of its own, it's GonNa make it very difficult for him to apologize. Teams have no plans to apologize, but on the other hand I. Think that no matter what you think of why. The boss did not support that motion or the dismissive hand gesture them ENTHUSIA- Hanky Mr Sing. It is not a responsible and mature things to do to call somebody a racist. When you have no evidence that they actually are racist. And personally I don't think it is responsible for members of parliament to go on Tarn each other with a label like that which? Really means something and I have no evidence to suggest that measure is actually a racist just. Jason we're almost out of time here. So what do you see as it seems as though the conversation has changed? Maybe that's why what we saw yesterday or what we saw over the course of the last couple of days was different. The conversation has. Has Changed and I think that's why Jagmeet. Singh was it was. So upset to see that you know we're still point where we can't even agree on what systemic racism means You know I've been hearing. A lot of people say that they're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I get that. We'll hear more about this. Certainly in days ahead, we'll have to leave it there. We are at a time unfortunately for this but I. do appreciate all three of you speaking, but this this morning and we'll come back to thank you..

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