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This looking at the list here and going to jimmy in chicago hey hey hey joined that uh five degree once you'll here yeah whoa yeah and uh a still a week officially away from what else but with military what they call the meteorological winner it's hard to say here rodrigo weather oh i i feel it get an award shows but yeah but up yeah one thing though that uh you know find just really interesting about their display off his bat i think anybody that follows college football at all tied to realize that this is the first playoff in which you have four teams that are all fully confidence if they can win this thing uh they're all come at you know i think alabama i really feel good about the fact that they're going to have some key players back at full speed mike fitzpatrick there to this pass rushers behler and lewis who they loss for the season in the first half of the opening game and then mac wilson back georgia obviously the tremendous momentum lay feel after the big one overall part although in fairness you know uh johnson probably tried to go with thirty percent that game he gave it is all but you know just wasn't there but still just a huge victory oklahoma just they just spent on a role for a while i think they easily have the best player in college football i mean he's just been sensational really for three years but but really really good this year uh and then you've got of course clemson you know they've just been they just been steady but this alabama clemson game a thinks really.

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