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I don't think it would. I don't think he's going to be expelled because he didn't get if I understand the rule now again, I would have been kicked out a hundred times go my play day in college football with these this REU lunch or hit with the crown of your helmet. You're done. You're gone. Did appear to be a little bit of helmet to hell was helmet. All the saw his home. It was on the side. Fuller would be a big loss leading tackler for the. Buckeyes e had a career high twelve tackles earlier this season in a game against Minnesota and Ron snodgrass takes the headset up. Let's see what he says on the field is confirmed number. I just don't I don't get it. I don't understand. So fuller is done. And he talks to a few teammates on his way off the field. Amir wreath or Brendan white would be his backup for the time. Being it's white who checks in. So they lose their leading tackler. And instead, they get a sophomore Powell Ohio who has only five tackles on the year, at least for the time being widened checks in for him. Special teams contributor for Ohio State. So off the penalty. First and ten is the cascades of booze. Roll down. Here's a reverse to Stanley Morgan. He's got trouble running, right. Trying to get the corner gets to the twenty five and it's not a big collision as he got over the thirty yard line there and Barron Browning backup middle linebacker. Just knocked him in the next week. I'm you just. Morgan did a great job of getting something out of nothing here because he was five yards deep in the Bill and to finish pursuing him, and he was able to get the corner. And by guards those are four hard earned yards. I Russia the season for Stanley Morgan. The senior warrants high snap a design quarterback running Martinez will lose a couple as me Harrison gave him no quarter and takes him down for a loss of two back at the twenty eight Harrison a junior out of Columbus hometown. Boy, number two on the team in tackles. And it'll set up a third down for Nebraska. This was a designed quarterback one. I remember Marcus Allen told me one time said Mark sometime a players only meant to get one to three or four yards to take it and be what you can wind up a new play. Obviously young kids make more out of something. That's not there which Martinez been lost couple yards. Mike Williams split wide to the left three wide receivers to to the left. One of the right is Martinez has applets coming stands in. And gets away and throws it into the ground. Ten yards short of Stanley Morgan good pressure. From Warner the linebacker has Ohio State forces Nebraska to kick it away. Good job. You could see were on this channel was not gonna let this young man. Stay in the pocket or don't get after which they did he deny job aboard to freshman. Is he stepping up the pressure? Got to him were the ball into the ground as you through it. Armstrong to away for Nebraska, his third. Kick of the game is first one was blocked through the end zone. Pressure again, but gets his kick away. K J hill.

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