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Jefferson Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler and Leslie Odom junior as Aaron Burr the film the version is directed by the show's director Tommy Kael who said we're thrilled for fans of the show and new audiences across the world to experience what it was like on stage and in the audience the groundbreaking biographical hip hop show about the life of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton is one eleven Tony awards and made numerous Taurus I definitely to the corona virus has been reported in Hong Kong A. P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports the news comes as hospital workers there continue to strike home call hospitals have caught services as medical workers strike for a second day to the mall on the border with mainland China be shut completely the wall of a virus the schools his first death in the semi autonomous territory the patient who died was a man who had traveled to to hand the mainland city at the center of the outbreak before being hospitalized in Hong Kong well the two of Hong Kong's land and sea crossings with the mainland will close at midnight of the more than two thousand hospital workers went on strike on Monday I'm Charles de Ledesma the dragons were dancing in the Chinese community of when a sorry set that celebrated the spring festival marking the arrival of the Chinese New Year celebrations mark the year of the rat according to the Chinese zodiac hundreds of people came out to celebrate the occasion where dancing dragons paraded through the crowd and Chinese and Argentine singers and entertainers perform for the audience attracted by Argentina's open immigration policy many Chinese citizens migrated to point a sorry shortly after World War two in search of a better life estimates put the number of Chinese Argentines at more than one hundred twenty thousand the event's organizer pointed out that due to a virus outbreak in China state in the union I'm to McGuire than AP news minute in the house.

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