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Like oh everyone's making fun of it maybe listening. Yeah yeah. I want that big game. Yeah gained named to my dick. That'd be perfect. What is maximum. where's your mom. Fourteen ask what the king named mcduck. Jim mother here talk to her thing. Lord oh man to Me because you said it. I i hated. I hated that. Look at games right now. And i'm like wow no diversity initiatives no. I mean you're right. You're right and i think it's a larger conversation about this someday. We've talked to aside. We've talked about doing like actually talking about certain subjects expand upon them. That might be worth doing that someday but No i mean yeah. There's no doubt because industry dominated by mostly white people. Yeah it's getting better but it's still mostly dominated by white people and typically create games. Where they they are the lead. Well it's dominated by white people in dominated by developers who want to be white asians. So yeah i like. I like look i see in the chat and i said you said i didn't wanna say nothing i wasn't but i wasn't gonna dare say anything because i want people thinking harping on this all the time but i did look at this unlike must hear anywhere so the first thing i thought wasn't mad because those made by a bunch of those made by the south korean south korean people. They're just aesthetic. it is for some reason. Yeah and i. I don't know if the western influence and yes it is. So i didn't wasn't going again crazy but i just say man. I cannot wait for these kids to come up. Who are going to be so much more diverse especially these kids are calling in these these and these these young black developments. Come in on that happens. They're going to change the face of industry. I think it's. I think it's getting better. It's just very slow. I mean you think just what last year we had a. I think it was last year right. We had a video game. That had miles morales which not only showcase black culture in harlem but also puerto rican. Can you think of puerto rican lead in the video game. I can't so what he's getting better. It's slow few and far between us. They're lighter being put out there unless alike pinatas sitting side care psychic. It's very slow. But i do think it's getting better idea just takes time and i'm tired of seeing where we are in there would be done by white developers who put our stereotypes there. I told you in a lot of people i mean. I don't get hurt people all the time we were talking about. And this why. I'm telling you what i say people won't they want like i've always said i am disturbed by grand theft auto because grand theft auto put. They put characters out there and and see this what people say. Well we mean only getting lee black hair. Just got one. In grand theft auto. Yes stereotype i. I've said as l'ensemble. I don't like it i don't like it. I played the game cool. Everybody wants that game. So everybody's going to get mad at me when i say something but fuck you. It's a disturbing thing to see. Oh isn't a cool that we put the stereotype that we think you all the time. We even black lead. But he's a criminal. i can understand. Yeah thank you edgy. Beserk for sex have thanks for the half dozen people. Thank you think of the over channel. She's she's good people. Tell you yeah Right thank you so much. Why has the rate the mouse gift. Because it's funny i liked. I like jamie fox right. yes you know. Some people see that. Because i've talked to before the gulf about all this progressive shit all this talk about all this All this equality should all this pretty much. The video games talking to yeah they are they are putting a lot of stuff out there about this pro black shirt and then we'll i'll bring up bud grant the bottle. That's what took place in. The streets ended urban gamisch. help digging. that sounds like the show. Yeah i'm sorry i know. Everybody loves grand theft auto. And you one grand theft auto but grand theft auto is a problem when it comes to depicting people of color as and they say well. You know why people are depicted this stereotype and caricatures. They can afford to have that. Because there's a lot more diversity out there and a lot of times you know. White leads are are given so many so much variety to be shown as characters other than china types of you know when the because the stereotype for those white leads is not the default for people of color for a lot of people in their mind. That's the default. His black character. That is what character will affect exactly so anyway. Let me see here. Y'all we're going to go to our last over here. I had to catch up on ads over here. Let me turn let me see here. Y'all know i love marvel man. I know marble. Marble magic shit solicit that. I don't know that you've got caught but it was only until i saw this kind of like all right. I just shit. I remember you saying i did. Imagine 'cause i saw the trailer for a marble midnight sun..

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