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Billy Crystal Palace who made the save and covered up one change to the air force lineup tonight. Tyler jutting, the freshman of Mankato Minnesota. He is in the lineup today. Carter Ekberg another freshman defenseman. He's out of the lineup. Jutting is the extra skater moving into the top six on defense, Keegan Mantaro. He's paired up with Dan Bailey tonight. Now the face off Ryan Steele. And how Hake on the dot in the air force and an air force winds dry Hake to Mirages back to Hake ahead to Paul loses. It at the Sacred Heart blue light back to the neutral zone. Goes steel sends it into the air force, and where it's cut off behind the net by Christopolous rimmed around to the near side at all the way up the ice it goes and that'll be called icing on air force couple of changes for Sacred Heart into the lineup. Their senior defenseman Mike Lee who was sitting out last night's game a one game suspension because of a hit that happened last week in the AFC game is back in the game for Sacred Heart column Bernard is back in as a forward for sacred heart's. So couple of personnel changes for both teams twenty five seconds. We've had to face offs already. Second one won by Sacred Heart and to the point to max NewCo Luko winds takes the shot blocked comes back to it sends it in behind the air force net picked up behind the net and brought by Tut tutton. It turns the corner and turns intense it back in behind the net. Where it's picked off by the falcon can't clear those on. They get it up. Top to Mike Lee Lee shot hit a body on the way in ends up in the near corner. Dug out of the corner by air force and the falcons will skated out of there in the neutral zone. Kyle Hagel pull up chip in an air force will change on the fly on the deep dump by Kyle hick. Sacred Heart moving left to right here in the first period. Here's a puck lifted in the air by the pioneers lands in the air force and skated down by Jake Levin to Maynard rim. Ron and Maynard finds a man open at center ice gets the puck to Joe Tyron who is knocked down the puck come treat pioneers. Take it break into the air force and the falcons hustle back. Defensively had snuff out that rush it's back to center ice pioneers. Regathered and try it again coming in his majority getting around jutting rather eleven and coming in. But losing the puck on the way yet. Back out to the neutral zone. Madera skates. It down again finds a man at the blue line. And it's chipped ahead off Jordan Kaplan Kaplan plays it in the corner comes off the goal line and Durgin picks his pocket. Falcons have the puck deep in their own end and took a funny bounce as they tried to rim one around behind their own net. And it came right out in front and Billy Crystal Palace. Saw that Hank loved it down. But one thing for air force will check on throughout this broadcast. But they've got to find a way to break out of their own and they could not get out of their own end last last night. Secret, heart will pressure air force everywhere. And it falcons didn't handle it very well last night face off Pino on dot wins. The draw with pioneers, come up with the loose puck recover croak at the point tries to send it low on the goal line battered around and it reverses to the other side of the ice for flair to it. There was cotton cotton sense at low on the goal line a feed to the point shot by Colin Bernard is blocked and Ricky Shays all the way back into the Sacred Heart head now the two teams battled for the puck in front of the sacred. Art bench on the other side of the ice air force benched. Right below us on the near side the home bench. Sacred Heart and the penalty boxes are on the other side. You're at the whale falcons. Dig a puck out deepen their own end Senate up the ice it got through traffic. Deep into the pioneers in Liam prayer will pick it up two hundred feet away. In the neutral zone. I take away by air force on the blue line of feet out front gone trying to go back door that's Bowery defended and it came off his stick and was blocked not by the goalie. But the man defending it sent the other way by the pioneers first player to get to it is Matt cook whims at around for Walker summer. Here's the air force breakout. Summer Texas pocket pick in the neutral zone. Johnstone has it gone. The other way he shoots around cook. Pad save by Christoffel steered it into the near corner. Howkins have numbers in the corner. They dig it out Walker summer and Marshall Bowery break in for air force. Now, the falcons decide to change so Bowery pulls up at the blue line and dump Sudan fresh legs out for air force and take away by Maynard at center ice, Maynard eleven ahead. Four Matt Pulver pauper games. The blue line breaks in along where to Harper wanted to get a to Harper was coming down the slot. Nothing doing good defensive play. They're by Sacred Heart pioneers. Gonna take away coming the other way. Richard is going to be Ryan steel steel pushes it ahead for GM barrage lost the pockets in behind the air force net, but kept alive by steel steel, trying to get it back wall to boy Algerian can't do it. Boy, actually has the puck. He comes out the other end whippet, and he feeds to beat a veto Varo provider gets it up top for a shot in the slot by Mike league, rattles around ends up in the corner out by air force. You've come the falcons to onto pauper at the blue line pools up. He'll send it in and takes going to pick it up goal line. Farside had a man flashing toward the net. Hake. Tried to get it to Bailey. Broken up by the pioneers could save by joke, Tehran, Iran has it sends it to the goal line. Don't feeds out front and Brady Tom like was there, and he wound up to take the shop left the puck behind him. Spins all the way around comes up farside along the hash boards. And it's going to be picked up here by Jordan Kaplan Kaplan had to the three sacred our goals yesterday goes in deep on the goal line. Never took a shot falcons mob him and take the puck away. Jergen comes up one against three man. They take the puck away from him. It's back to the neutral zone. Good stick their by Trevor stone to knock it free that Kaplan recovers he tried to feed ahead to jareth mature late getting to the party and the puck ends up on the corner dugout by air force fed to center ice stolen away by Sacred Heart and here come the pioneers. Resetting with Clare Clarice pass intercepted by Jared Smith, rather Mirages Mirages comes in at the blue line falcons would have been outside on the play had. They touched the puck. It's back out to the neutral zone. Played here by geese Lert Geezer will ship. It ahead. It is fast. It is furious. Both teams going up and down the ice with very few. Actual shots on goal. There's one that stone from.

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