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Had the jets head coach Robert Saleh and Paul Rudd big chiefs fan on there. Did Robert Robert salon talk about taking receipts and okay, but didn't the jets earn that? That criticism? How does he, of course? How does he say way over his skis? Are you kidding? He was way over his skis. And I positioned it that way. What are your four and 14 taking receipts of what? And he says, there's a million podcasts. There are a thousand. I'm not telling you to listen to all of them. Mine's pretty good right now. Feels pretty good. Solid was awesome. Was candid. And he says, basically, I said it. And I immediately regretted it. He felt it out of his mouth and was like, wait. Yeah. And he's like, I wish you didn't go that way. And I wish we were done talking about that. And yet, he thinks the players might have made have listened and felt a little bit of that. And that's all intangible stuff that like, hey, if he believes in us, maybe the facts of where they are, there are three and on the road, they've beaten the browns in their building, the Steelers in their building. And this went to Lambo and had a 21 year old sauce gardener who doesn't know any better wearing a cheese head around Lambeau. Salah said the receipts line, it was parodied widely here in New York City. And I think he himself knows it was a, it was a regrettable comment. And yet, in a weirdest of ways, it's going to come back looking like the Jim fossil guarantee from so many years ago, where Mark Messi in game 6. They've turned it around ever since. Yeah. The Mac Jones Bailey zappy patriots drama, who's the offensive coordinator who's the quarterback? Do we have a real quarterback controversy? What do you think? Maybe. Monday, they play and there has not been an announcement on who's going to go. And I think Mac is close to being healthy. I'll tell you this if there was a big gap between Mac and the other option at quarterback, whether it was foyer or zappy when he got injured, it's much smaller now. No one is talking to Belichick in a way that they can reveal the true facts about what it is. I'll just say this from sources around the team and sources within that building. There's a lot of love for zappy as well as Mac. Mac, I would imagine is going to get an opportunity to get that gig back, but I would think the leash is a lot shorter after what zappy has done zappy has come in.

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