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With a particular disorder. Some necrophiles have been diagnosed with conduct disorder and antisocial social personality disorder on neither one justifies violence. They might help. Explain dixies lack of empathy or remorse. People with anti-social personality disorder also called socio apathy often violate the law. They lie act impulsively and have problems with alcohol and on drugs if our when they harm others they feel virtually nothing except satisfaction as long as it helps them get their way. The trial trial also meant that to victims of dixies. Earlier crimes would have to relive the brutality. He had imposed on them. The man's checkered past included -cluded conviction for robbery during which he mugged a woman at knifepoint and indecent exposure to salts for which he was sentenced to two years of probation he was also deported in one thousand nine hundred nine after being convicted of assault and later accused of masturbating in front of a woman in a phone booth the day Af Sally Ann's murder. dixie stayed overnight at a friend's home near her apartment during the day leading up to the murder. He celebrated his thirty Fifth Birthday. Stay down in copious amounts of drugs and booze. It's believes that. He attacked a woman motorists in the area about forty minutes before he killed her. Then just after four fifteen. Am neighbors heard those screams. Prosecutors alleged that Dixie hid near her apartment watching and waiting leading like an animal prepared pounds while she and Lewis argued then didn't hesitate to make his move the jury consisting of seven women and and five men found Dixie guilty of all charges his punishment would be life in prison with a minimum of thirty four served years during the sentencing. The judge said to the killer no words of mine about what you have done can remotely match the ones you've heard today from Mrs Bowman I I shall only say that what you did. That night was so awful and repulsive that I do not propose to repeat it. Your consequent conduct shows you had not the slightest remorse. Moore's for what you had done nearly nine years later in January of two thousand fifteen. dixie wrote a letter to the police stating that she wanted to tell how the truth nearly nine years later in January of two thousand fifteen. dixie wrote a letter to police stating that he wanted to tell the truth truth about what happened to San. He ended up confessing to two more attacks too including severe sexual assault when he was just sixteen gene. The wrong man Ramana vander dozen had been charged with an imprisoned for those crimes. No outsiders can know whether he confessed because he wanted credit or if deep inside he had some amount of remorse after all skeptics and psychoanalyst's might assume that earlier regardless if detectives had caught him back then sally-anne might still be alive dixies three page letter detailing his added crimes was as used by Romano's lawyer for an appeal. Sally Ann's MOMS supported his appeal and Romano Center message of gratitude. In two thousand fourteen fourteen. She told mail online. She was absolutely appalled that her daughter's life could have been saved with greater diligence for authorities. And that quote an innocent man. Ed spent eleven years of sixteen year sentence in prison for a crime. He did not do. After the verdict of Sally Ann's murder trial was read her her father. Paul Bowman spoke on the family's behalf. The last two and a half years have been tortuously painful. An immensely difficult he said. I do not think we could have gone through it without the love and support that has been hugely available from family and friends. I hope that now sally-anne can rest in peace and those affected so deeply by untimely and brutal death can be afforded at least a chance to begin to grieve in earnest and he shared an emotional a message for his daughter. Sally-anne you may have been taken from us but rest assured you will forever be missed a never forgotten in the words of the song your heart will go on outside the courtroom. Sally Ann's mother. Linda spoke about immense pain in her heart and said in her life seemed to end with her daughters. All she wanted was to hold her again to smell her perfume and say to her everything. She never had a chance to as they drove away. She played a recording sally-anne singing the celine dion song. She had the singing voice of an angel and decide which it's very fitting now. This has been murder minutes for true crime anytime. Download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder. Minute for exclusive content intent and early access find the show on Himalayas..

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