Vice President, Tom Bowman, President Trump discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand


See right now in front of the U. S capitol building. We're seeing reports that protesters were NPR's Tom Bowman. In fact, is there on site watching right now? Is protesters really storm that building attempt to get inside? Tom Bowman Want to bring you back in here right now? Tell us more. Okay. We don't have Tom Bowman. We're gonna go to Claudia. Great solace. Again right now. And you know, you've been telling us some updates here. What's what? What are you seeing now? So it sounds like they're in these really worried moments of trying to get to a safe location. They're trying to move members. Reporters, staff members to a secure location. They're asking for that not to be publicized. This is how concerning it is That if that new location where they're being moved to is put out there. They're worried that the these protesters will seek them out. There is well so they're really in these moments of trying to secure the Capitol complex and ensure that lawmakers and staffers workers everyone else on that, um, complex, it remains safe. The notes. Can I ask you this legitimate question? Are we watching a coup? I'm asking this legitimately. I don't think that's what we're seeing. We're seeing protesters who have become violent and they're trying to send a message. Um, in this fashion, and they're endangering folks. In that way, but this is not that sort of situation. This is kind of a last gasp. If you will, for these folks who were trying to get this message across that they are protesting the election's results. It's It's not going to accomplish anything. In the end. This is this is just delaying the process and making this more difficult day than what we had planned already. And so in terms of a coup, I wouldn't go that far. I think it's just protesters who have gone awry who are threatening the safety of the people at the Capitol complex? Yes, it's an important one. Because as Americans watch this all unfold, we really have no context for this. We've never seen anything like this before. Is Tamara Keith still with us? I am camera. Yeah. If you're still yes. Let's go back a little bit. Let's talk about what we expected to happen today. What is happening today we had never actually seen a case where something that was a ceremonial situation where They're able to certify the electoral votes turn into something where Republicans were going toe. Basically call this not a fair election and vote in opposition of this kind of take us back for a little bit about about what we expected to happen today. Well, the day sort of played out like we were expecting until these protestors stormed the capital up until that point. What had happened is this ceremony that happens every four years was getting underway Where the vice president he presides as the as the president of the Senate. He presides over The tallying of the electoral college votes. It is purely ceremonial. As part of that there can be objections, and in fact, there were house and Senate members who, when they got to the count of the state of Arizona stood up and a jet and objected. That then went to debate in both chambers, and that's when the protesters reached the capital. Now, I should say that President Trump was holding a rally near the White House with these supporters and said, and we're going to go up to the capital. Now. The president himself didn't end up going to the capital, but his supporters did. On D. The result has been that they stormed past barricades. They pushed past Capitol police and and there is now this very chaotic and potentially dangerous and violent situation on D, and as at approximately the time that the vice president was being evacuated from the Senate chamber President Trump Tweeted his discussed That the vice president would not go against the Constitution saying my pent, huh? In fact him he's I'm sorry. I was just gonna say he said that he didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution. I mean, I think you're getting to this, But is there a sense That the president himself will have to shoulder some responsibility for what's happening today. Well, I mean, he did say, and we're going to the capital..

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