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Maybe discussion with multiple guests. You have done things differently. And their experiences. Sorry this is a bit of a ramble not Rambuteau Catherine. I like this obviously. My perspective is one area of this. That probably isn't going to be very helpful in answering your question but as and when things change and it is possible to get multiple guests on the podcast. I will be looking to you. Speak to working moms about this. Obviously my decision has been not to have children. I've never been broody so it's not something that's and I've never thought always time running out apart from what I thought apart from when I thought well actually in the next few years I'm GonNa Menopause and that's GONNA lead to hormonal changes and hormonal and brooding us is in many regards hormones and I just thought God. I really hope that I don't as my menopause. I don't get that surge in humans it makes me feel broody and then have the whole thing of. Why didn't I do it because at right now here today? Not In the menopause. I feel very good about my decision but I just I worry about my who mind playing tricks on me so I almost him saying that to put it on tape so I know exactly how I feel about it but anyway Catherine in answer to your question I will try to create that as a panel discussion. Because I think that's a really interesting discussion and I do think I do. Think if you all in your throat is in your thinking about. Did you say unity's decision that you did? I think it was a previous previous question was anyway. If you all in that Mine Hoedspruit thinking my time is running out. Should I do it now? But if I do it now I could potentially sabotage or maybe minimize my potential in business. I do think that's a conversation that would be really good to have with a panel of guests so yes I will work Eudora Laura Asks I emma. I'd love to know more about the rewards podcasting financial otherwise you clearly invest a lot of time and energy into producing the podcast which is much appreciated. Thank you Laura. I wonder what your motivation is. And whether there are any financial gains to be had for focuses costs in general. I'd also be interested to know where the guests a paid again. This could be discussed on a general basis. Thanks thanks Laura. What are you question? The rewards of focusing in the main genuine lay all in is my interaction with the my my sex listeners. Because without you there is my focuses. Otherwise I'm just a very hot women talking to thin air. Not Being listened to for me. Also what is really important is getting great people on the PODCAST. I mean there's obviously different layers of shows but okay in the main. So let's look at the experts. I really try to cover subjects that you are interested in or curious about or feel. Perhaps you'd like to understand with more clarity and then I worked really hard to try and find the right guest for that conversation. The right guests. Meaning I'm very exact about who I have on this show. I'm sure there are some people who have said no to. He probably feel a little bit hard. Not hard done by which is fielded. Well that doesn't seem fair but it's just if I think that there's any Hokum if I think that people are pitching snake oil if I think people have stick and they're using that stick to monetize and they've all they're just someone who loaded followers. No that's not going to happen. You can have fifty followers but be an expert in your field and you're going to get on the show and so that for me has always been really important because that was something. I never really felt like I with any journalistic pieces. I wrote mother. I wrote loads there. Wasn't that great long features. But you know when you sweet spot you know when you hit a bullseye with content and I was always in the outer ring if the Dow Board or the artery border everywhere to say when I was trying to write it because there was a bit more of an agenda and thinks edited whereas with long phone conversations. You get to really open up a subject and then people are you get to take away from it. What you want to take away from a life and I feel like that's become that is a really valuable resource. I was using podcasts as my own therapy while And that's really what I wanted to do is just kind of create shows armed you with as much information as possible with with people who you genuinely one hundred percent respect. So there's there's that sort of thing so when I say experts I mean when we're talking about things like peri menopause and having Dr Suhair rocket on having doctoral McQueen Dr mcquaid on or I'm talking about skincare and like Dr Dennis Gross on or I'm able to get a daughter Emma Wedgwood on people who actually one hundred percents. No their staff are qualified. That's really really important to me. So then we move onto things like this lightly more fun episodes where it's like me. Caroline Trini and the Dean and it's just women's shooting the Breeze Wall Street ordering breakfast. Honestly you should see my face but also just having a really good time with each other. Because that kind of bonding conversation I think is I mean. It was lovely to be apart of but the overwhelming feedback. I've had it was lovely to be a part of even as listener so in that case. I just tried to get people on who I just think of really awesome good solid people and I'm very lucky to call people. My friends and my background is the beauty industry and so I have met so many wonderful incredible people in the beauty industry and whenever I think about the industry I think about Michelle Doherty. You came on. The Po cost really early days. She is the founder CEO owner of Alfa Skincare and she came on really early doors and she is a formidable businesswoman. And I've always been a little bit intimidated in her company but it was really wanted to me poke cost and she opened up and after that. I just felt like I know I could ring Michelle up anytime and Gee I hope she would feel the same. I just think she's an incredible woman and I got to know so much more about her than just the fact that she produces these incredible skincare products that can do wonders for people with troubled skin and other times but I I learned so much more about her in that conversation and that was a real starting point for repeating away the layers of these wonderful people who I've known for many many years and just kind of taking a conversation taking a slight u-turn or taking left turn away from the brand or the expertise or experience and really understand the business light so that that for me has been really rewarding. It might sound a bit lame but that for me like really getting to know people in the beauty industry and unpicking. Some of these brands doors has been really fascinating. You often only hear those stories. When it's fantastically rich wealthy people who wanna Forbes list or the best friends with the celebrity or they are so they're not and I think we sometimes forget that. Yeah it's not. It's not just about so if you know big names. Everyone in the industry has a story. And as you will tell if you know the back catalogue over three hundred episodes. Everyone has a story. James Read Michelle Doherty was about say Jordan Samuel. But we couldn't recall but I hope that next he's in London we'll be able to record an NBA caroline hirings who's Experience in the industry is so vast and now she does what she does and Hostelries incredible and she likes under on if he had. If you didn't know so those are those are some of the rewards said of being able to to really produce these conversations that hyper valuable entertaining and comforting and it could get company but also I try genuinely. Try so hard to listen to what you want. I know at the beginning of the year. I want to surprise and delight you. I'm me by tackling subjects that I wouldn't normally go for and the response to that has been so positive and so supportive so thank you so much but I'm not going to go after something and I think it's going to resonate so as much as I listen to you and I listen to all of you weed oil emails and I read all of your DM's and I tried very very hard to make sure that I get what you want. I also do try to say. Well how can we just kind of find the overgrown wriggle around this and and grow which is why I had dome on the professional dominant and you loved him and he will be coming back? Don't you worry about that the rewards of posting financial. So mean for me would obviously being up to create the content financial. Yes if you listened to the podcast you know. There are advocates an idea at reeds. And that's how I generate revenue but the other thing that the focused on for me is that it has a lot of people in the media. No I can conduct interviews and so I've been I get jobs during panel hosting panel discussions. I've also been able to showcase my knowledge a bit so it's been able to. I've been approached by brands to work with them. Whether that's on consultancy or new put development or maybe on some sponsored posts which I hate Miami doing. I will just say this because it's been really bothering me for a while when I did the Christmas. Putting the daily post in December some of the episodes are quite short. And somebody in the states. Message me saying your episode. Today was more ads than it was content. And I'm really really sorry about that. I don't always have visibility on what happens in different territories and it would never ever be my intention to short change you or have you feel like that. I listen to Joe Rogan. Last time I checked is obviously after after I got email I then went under sincere about forty different and timed. How long narrow adverts were and some of the advert breaks particularly pre roll can be up to ten minutes and I always just fast forward through them and I didn't think anything of it so I just sort of you know that you've got that function on your thing that can false for thirty seconds I but I do of. I don't want it to be something that you feel is dominating equally. I don't open up my mid roll on the podcast which is one of the most lucrative places to place advertising. Because I don't want to be having a conversation with dom about being a professional dominant and then mid-sentence you hear room and then there's a thirty second advert or woman advert for Insert Wellness advertiser. Hey I just don't feel that is appropriate so I don't ever open those just so you know. So that would be a revenue stream. The I don't even don't even don't even entertain because I just I think could potentially minimize what I'm looking for. It just might make the content seem less discipline and it just. Why would you want to be interrupted when you'd have to be so that we go But again I'm really good friends. With the right-handed po Costa's hunter and Cerruti go back through. Coin focused eighty really well so we sometimes chat to each other about how to maximize these things. I am looking at Patriot on Lynn. Looking looking at starting patron for awhile which would be there. Were different layers of supporting a podcast or content creator. So it's like you can pay two dollars a month five dollars a month. Eight dollars a month ten dollars a month. Whatever and you get depending on what you pay you get additional content but this feels like the wrong time to do it during the corona virus. But that's not to say that I'm not using this extra time to explore it but it would be nothing on this feed would change. It would be that you'd get additional content if you were to subscribe but I mean actually I'd be really interested. Know what you think about that. You like crying out now or would you be up for. I've had I have had messed in the past. People saying we would like to support you so if you start a patriot and we would subscribe. We would become members. I'd say I didn't know how it works at the time. The anyway I leave that in the air and you if you wouldn't mind letting me know if you feel strongly either way about it. I'd be really grateful all right. Let's ski onto Holly. Oh this is the thirty something question that's got mixed up. Hi Emma I guess I have a bit of a thirty something in single question slash topic suggestion precious to find someone. Clock is ticking. Do you need to be someone? Can you be happy alone? Is it enough? Why people judge and should they judge? Should you compromise if do get into a relationship and how much? I'm sure I could go on and on I would say I'm still relatively new to the podcast so may have missed previous discussions on this. I will call some areas being covered by estee. That's Estella lawn when she came on the show. I think this would be interesting for the demographic of listeners. I am assuming thanks Halloween. That's a really interesting question and I do think it's worth opening up to discussion. I know a lot of people as they included. Who we see he can tell them stumbling. I find it difficult to articulate a little bit because I think every time I've spoken to any friend he was married or in a relationship for years in fact a few more recently here a little bit older but I remember my thirties. If I'd say yeah I mean I would like boyfriend but I'm honestly not fast. They I could tell they were looking at me thinking and they would say you're saying that because you don't have it so now. I'm forty two. I think tone has changed and I'm like I really if it comes my way yes but I feel like those years of thinking. I should be on red alert for and I should. I should be looking for signs. I think that's probably just gone a little bit and also I work for myself. I single income household. I Ref- over my head. I'm not saying that new relationship. We're looking for somebody to do that. But if you're looking for a relationship we're looking for somebody to do that but always say it means that the things that I'm looking for maybe slightly less than I would have been looking for if I'd been in my twenties I guess..

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