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And then you get here and it's first year coach, new market, new quarterback, new first year defensive coordinator defense actually been good. A lot of new faces ever new owner. And this new owners didn't hire them. They inherited him, and I get nervous because you get a couple, then you get a few more and then it's like sharks are in the water. And if you do that over the course of the next three months, these new owners, they're made of money. They've got billions and billions of dollars. Walmart money and self made money. Post Walmart stuff. And then it's like, well, I didn't pick this guy and the money's not an issue. Pay him out and let's start a new one. That's a real possibility. Always with new owners. And the way it's going and it's been unfortunate, but you got to understand this is the test. When you're at your lowest and you've got Russ playing like this and he might be injured. How do you how do you change things? How do you figure it out? The jets are coming in this week. They're the hottest team as far as like narrative goes. A win with either Russ or Brett ripon or whoever would go a long way and stopping the bleeding, especially in the front of that home crowd. If you lose that game in front of that home crowd, well then when I say sharks are in the water, it's going to get real ugly real fast. So your guests have included Robert sala and Paul Rudd, who else is on the wish list there for your podcast. You know what? I want to do like coaches that don't talk during the season. I want to get them and be candid sallow was. I want to get like funny, but good. You are the best with the celebrities. When you have Sandler, and I'm like, I'll run through a TV or whatever. And you've got all those guys. Rudd is that dude. But I also want to get like young coaches that the teams are usually a little protective of. I want to get young offensive coordinators, young defensive coordinators, young executives, and my pitch to them is this is a great platform to not talk about this week's game and injuries, but to introduce themselves to the audience and so far we've got a pretty good captive audience that I'm getting a lot of the viewers from good morning football and Fox and I'm on watching and hopefully some of the listeners to your to your show can listen to this podcast just by popping it on. It's good. Go for a workout. Listen, cook in whatever it is, have it in the background. But let's get to know new people that we don't necessarily know all their names yet. Thank you, Peter. Good to talk to you. Good luck with the podcast. I love you, man. Thank you. That's Peter schrager. NFL network, good morning football. A friend of the show. And his podcast this season with Peter schrager. I watched silver linings playbook last night. That's a good movie. Jennifer Lawrence? Yeah. Bradley Cooper. Is that a sports movie or sports related movie? Sports related. They're all about relationships.

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