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Yours at steel USA dot com. 1228. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Mary de pompa in the traffic center. All righty, Mark, we're going to start out on the Maryland side interstate 95 running northbound. That's a scheduled work zone after route 32 scheduled to be along the right side can't see it. See the delay, also 97 running south well out of Glenn Bernie now heading toward Miller's Bill, we have the mobile crew on 97 well past benfield boulevard, only a single lane had been getting by. Baltimore Washington Parkway running northbound was slowing, passing powder mill for reasons yet to be determined. If your eye two 95 inside of the beltway, that slow down northbound is working toward a work zone at suit and Parkway singling gets you through. Part of the corridor project, they're also working on the suitland Parkway. So outbound suit and Parkway stamp and only a single lane is going to get by the work zone. To the south on the beltway, it's the outer loop in the through lanes going across the Woodrow Wilson bridge in a bar right lane extinguished vehicle fire cleanup continues if you're on the outer loop, take the local lanes, but anticipate slowdowns in both nor three 95 slows toward duke street, that's due to a work zone blocking your right lane. Heading south in Virginia, not hitting the brakes till Stafford county, but it's a long haul to get past the center port Parkway, where the truck crash has been cleared to the right shoulder. There's a record on scene, so more of a looking delay at this point, north 95 passing 17 exit one 33 works on here blocks the left lane, both sides of the beltway, heavy and slow in Virginia between Georgetown pike and the toll road, the work zone, outer loop, blocks the right lane, inner loop, it blocks the left wing. Each bound 66 to the beltway right wing closed with a work zone. For over 35 years in the DMV Greenberg and betterment is how tens of thousands of clients who've been hurt in auto accidents are victims of medical malpractice visit you be lawyers dot com and feel better, married to pomp at WTP traffic. Checking the forecast now with chuck bell. Northwest winds are going to bring cold, dry air back into the region for the next couple of days. It'll be a mostly sunny afternoon with the wind blowing highs today only

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