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The median price of a single family home is six hundred sixty seven thousand and King County five hundred thousand Snohomish county and three hundred sixty three thousand in Pierce county. Gregg Hersholt, KOMO news as the legislative session wrapped up Sunday night. Lawmakers passed Bill to allow local school districts to raise the Levy limit. They can request from voters but an amendment to include funding for charter schools was stripped from the Bill, KOMO news. Carleen Johnson with reaction for charter school students in our state not having access to any local. Levy funding means those kids get between nine thousand nine hundred and forty two hundred dollars less per student each year megi Myers with the Washington state. Charter school association says his pretty frustrating to be honest. We're just made that charter opponent worked. So very hard to exclude charter kid the majority of home belonged to our state's most marginalized community charters traditionally backed by Republicans in our state, but it's democratic Senator guy Palumbo who fought for the chargers. This time around telling KOMO these kids deserve everything students in traditional public schools are getting their parents chose one of these schools because the other school they were at wasn't working for them and their family, and I don't think that at this point. Now that the lawsuits are done we should penalize those kids. Those kids deserve the same shot life. But you know, it was an uphill battle badly says against the powerful state teacher's union. But Palumbo says he will continue fighting. Carleen johnson. Komo news. A Bill that would have been tougher on repeat drunk. Drivers died in the legislative session. The Bill would have made four DUI is within a fifteen year period of felony. But the house and Senate couldn't agree on the final funding for the Bill. The Bill sponsor Representative Roger Goodman, tells us the house budget did not include the eight million dollars needed for increased prison costs. So the whole Bill went down and Everett marijuana store shutdown. After regulators say the owner hid her financiers from the state liquor and cannabis board. Komo's Eric Heintz reports finance years of marriage as highway pot shop and the silver lake neighborhood. Are the building's owners all three are charged with first degree theft for deceiving coastal community Bank? Prosecutors say they did not tell the Bank they were getting into the Pont business. The owner of the pot shop itself who was not charged with any crime claims. She was lied to by the property owners. But prosecutors say she knowingly accepted money from an unvetted source. They ever herald reports she can appeal before a final decision is made to cancel the shops license. Eric heintz. Komo news. Seahawks quarterback Russell. Wilson working on building his brand off the field. And he's teaming up with his wife Sierra to do. So he and his wife announced they're starting a production company called why not you productions. The Hollywood reporter says it will focus on TV film, digital content and have inspiring human interest stories will let you know when and where you can watch those shows once it's all launched and up to speed. Komo news time twelve ten on sports now from the Harley exterior sports desk. Too much of a good thing may result in the huskies losing some high profile players. Here's komo's Tom hutler. The huskies may be losing forty percent of their stellar quarterback groups the Seattle times reports today that Richard freshman Colson Yaakov and Jacob sermon both will transfer in both cases, apparently because a look at the quarterbacks ahead of them on the depth chart made it appear that playing time would be sparked over the next two years. Jacob Easson a junior who transferred from Georgia is the presumptive starter. But is trying to beat out sophomore, Jake Hainer. The huskies also have another four star prospect and Dylan Morris Puyallup Mariners does the cubs tonight. First of a two game interleague series cubs haven't been here. Six years game. One features Felix Hernandez against Cole hamels as a matter of trying to snap a two game losing streak. This scored only two runs over the weekend against Texas gave up twenty nine runs and committed seven errors. Which skipper Scott service. Says has a huge impact it just so vital for your matings. Now.

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