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Damaging storms already and tonight the threat is not over meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all he's live along the west side highway here in new york tonight hey rob hey david that same system bring the severe weather as pumped up the heat on the east coast record regmi stuff here now and actually we've got some storms that are heading in this way you see it on the radar scope some of these strong heading across northern jersey trudging across the hudson into connecticut and a couple of tornado warnings west at the moi's severe thunderstorm watches out in that pacific luckily this is an awakening phase after midnight we will have some storms tomorrow but not as severe as they have in the past couple of days and another day of temperatures near ninety might be three days in row for some folks that would officially be the first official he whip david while marciano with us again tonight rob thank you next year new developments tonight about that deadly military plane crash in georgia tonight we know that the flight was supposed to be the plane's last one and you'll remember this surveillance camera showing the national guard cargo plane spinning and a nosedive then exploding into a fireball on the highway below tonight we're learning more about the nine national guardsmen who did not survive abc's stevenson samis on the scene tonight military invest gators are out working in the hot georgia sun wearing full body protective suits piecing together what happened to this crash cargo plane outside savannah it went up and to the right and bank ment and then kind down in corkscrew in the middle of twenty one people who saw the plane seen here falling nose first into the ground didn't expect survivors nine members of the puerto rican national guard were killed including their pilot major jose roman rosado who leaves behind two young boys and a wife who's pregnant with a baby girl after today more than fifty servicemembers have died in these kind of non combat related air accidents in the last year most of them stateside far more than the number of servicemembers killed in actual combat the pentagon tonight says it doesn't have a crisis crisis crisis for each of these families and we own them a full investigation the plane was built in nineteen sixty five and was headed here to a military graveyard in arizona.

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