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Joke with this song. I can't stop laughing. Now thank you sean mcdonough. I appreciate that all right Getting back to this issue. Listen the left always needs a battle to fight and they're up to it again this time they're using our kids to wage a war against us and their ultimate goal is to get more power so this are s. I don't even know how to pronounce this correctly. So these purveyors panic getting timely a timely assist if you will from what's a legitimate medical concern and that is this are as v it's called respiratory sin. Cecile virus and. This is a common childhood. But i've never heard of this a common childhood virus. We've live with forever. That has likely gotten worse. Because of the very policies the left is trying to push by exploiting this this new narrative. Their children are being. I mean hospitals are just being overrun with children. Rhonda chances our governor gave some recent numbers. And i believe the numbers were slightly less than The the amount of percentage wise slightly less of the amount of children that were in the hospitals at the peak of covert when we didn't know what we were joined last year. And we still acting as if we don't know what we're joining. Governor governor descent is a leader a loved that he's our governor. He's waging war on these school mass mandates. Now do have to say this. We live in a federalist system. I don't think this is a war. He can win because if we flip the script and we had a democrat governor. We wouldn't want the democrat governor telling local municipalities. What they can get. The answer is us. We gotta get these fools out of office. We rely on our politicians so much. Thank god for governor detained. He's standing up for the everyday man but the job is ours. Democrats lean on their politicians but an they rely on welfare. Unfortunately but this. Rsv it's so convenient. So we are experiencing a massive out of season surge in cases of rsv which is actually outpacing kobe. In terms of the positivity rate anyone can get this rsv but it is usually only dangerous to some infants and young children this according to the cdc fifty eight thousand children are hospitalized every year from this virus and we already know that the viruses raging particularly right. Here where i'm at in the south and that hospitals are already reporting an unnatural surge. These children are going into the hospital with rsv and contracting cove it in the hospitals. I'll finish out with this tomorrow. This is carl jackson and for larryelder until next time. Don't grow where you're going. Good god bless you from the left coast to the right coast. It's the larry elder show. Which special guest. Carl jackson a lady and they're beautiful for a free estimate on new window coverings furniture upholstery state fifty..

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