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From ABC news, John Chuck rich, and his the president congressional leaders negotiate a possible end the partial government shutdown over border wall funding, President Trump moles another way forward. President Trump says he's considering ways to build a border wall without congressional approval. I can do it. If I want president confirming what sources have told ABC news that he may go around congress to get the funding. He wants for the border wall. We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country. Absolutely. We can do it. I haven't done it. I may do it. I may do it. But we could call a national emergency and build it very quickly by declaring a national emergency. The president could try to reprogram funds from the defense department or elsewhere in the federal budget and put it to this top priority. Karen Travers, ABC news. The White House indication that the special counsel Russia investigation won't be ending anytime soon with the president's attorney saying Robert Muller's investigations last too long. A federal judge is now extended the. Grand jury looking into Russian election meddling. The grand jury started its work a year and a half ago. The court can legally extend the Muller grand jury and other six months unclear if that's how much longer it will continue ABC's Andy Field. President Trump has notified congress that he's sending eighty military members to the African nation 'gabon in order to be in a position to support American personnel in the Democratic Republic of Congo, violent demonstrations are expected their following a disputed presidential election. An elite navy seal. Eddie Gallagher has pleaded not guilty to charges that he murdered a teenage ISIS prisoner in Iraq last year. What makes this case unique is that most of the evidence against Gallagher has come from members of the seal team, he commanded now Gallagher has called them disgruntled. He faces a military jury in February ABC's, Matt gut minute. Federal judge says he'll soon rule on whether to block in Arkansas law. Requires government contractors to pledge to not boycott Israel or reduce their fees by twenty percent. You're listening to. ABC news. Robert here. Robert, somebody burned down, my she shed, no one bird. Now, your she shed shero all really Victor because my she sheds burning up in the backyard. Does she shared was struck by lightning, Cheryl, Robert state farm cover? My she shed shed. She turned are shed Mattera highway. Robert that's covered here that Victor. I'm getting a new she she or she can we stop says she shared now with a win. That's here to help life go, right? State farm. Talk to an agent.

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