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Dot com he'll be jane news time five thirty good morning i'm robert wood topping austin's news the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for a double suicide bombing in kabul this morning that killed twenty five people including eight journalists the afghan affiliate of the militant group known as chorus on province posted an urgent statement on an is affiliate website saying two of its martyrdomseekers carried out the double bombing on monday targeting the headquarters of the renegade afghan intelligence service in kabul south korean officials say north korean leader kim jong hoon is claiming he'd be willing to give up his nuclear weapons if the us commits to formerly ending the korean war and pledges not to attack his nation the officials say kim made the val while meeting with south korea's leader last week we've heard this before trump national security adviser john bolton is not impressed the north korean propaganda playbook is an infinitely rich resource intel cbs face the nation the administration is not naive what we want to see from them is evidence that it's real and not not just rhetoric and says a lot rides on the president's own summit with kim i think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks bolton says the date and place are still being worked out presents ready to go on this saga megani washington so far the city of austin's refusing to put the land youth rules rewrite to a public vote despite a valid cert petition asking them to do so attorney fred lewis says if they don't they'll have no choice but to take the city to court and that's where things don't look good for the city so the baseball is very clear city unless it is the most extraordinary circumstances should put it on the ballot it voters vote for it in their legal problem the courts will deal with it not elected political councilman who is urges the city to.

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