Robin Williams, Mindy Lake, Harry Nilsson discussed on Pop Culture Continuum - Episode 212: Mork and Mindy vs. People of Earth


And i mean just means two two mindy yeah just nocall for any of that should he said to note a bite i mean i saw that you're coming but it still made me laugh where he drinks the coughing said this reminds me of my mother's coffee that was awful to year after she says thanks um yeah i i say pam daughter robin williams was at his moves manic i think in in work in mindy lake if you can believe that i think he was more toneddown in the movies and stuff he did even you even early on um what was the biggest popeye was one first yeah popeye was nineteen 80s i think world according to guard might have been the first but i don't out and i think pop i came before karp if only there was way to look this up on a beach someone should done it before me speaking of popeye music done by uh harry nilsson who most people would probably everybody's talk in a me uh but he had a lot of good stuff lenin on his lost weekend let's see his career film actor robin williams no longer fi uh wait oh right can i do it tiny glasses was the first i remember hearing about that because that was like a like a kind of cinemax porn in comedy thing but yes you're right pop ii in that world according a carpet um yeah anyway well this was this was also you know the late seventy so i think he was on tons a coke at this time i don't know when he stopped doing that but.

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