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About it. Just the idea that you bird three people in if you were to burn them. So thoroughly and scattered their ashes. Well enough then you would never find them. We're gonna talk more about rob moments but once. They heard that. I think they thought we should look in close to this guy even though he didn't really have any real connection to the three missing women so in nineteen ninety raw pled guilty to two counts of second degree murder and received two life sentences. His accomplice pleaded guilty to the third murder. Rob was described by police. As one of the meanest men they ever encountered and he died in prison in one thousand nine hundred five while the search of ops property did not turn up any trace of the springfield three but it did apparently turn up a few items however since the judge issued a gag order which prevented law enforcement from speaking to the media about the search no specific details about what was found have ever been released publicly but that means that there definitely was something that would be related to these three women. We think We don't know that for it. Just said that they found a few items but they don't say what the items are and how they could be connected to this case. And as far as i know this gag order has never been lifted even though nearly thirty years of passed so we could just only speculate about what they found. I am surprised that a somebody has not anonymously. Broken mad gag. Order thirty years. Ed because you do hear about these cases that go decades decades ask. Somebody gave some information that might you open up this investigation but so far nothing in most promising suspect to pop up on the radar in this case is a career criminal and former army ranger named robert craig cox so in december nineteen seventy eight cox became the prime suspect in the murder of nineteen year old. Sharon sellers who was abducted and killed will driving home from her job. At disneyworld she was found beaten to death with fourteen head-wounds inside a sewage lift station located less than four.

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