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That we've already covered in the past. It was episode two. Oh three this is the Holly Bobo case back. Only covered this case just in it had not gone to trial. We knew that they had people arrested that. There were people talking. But we didn't. Have you know the real answers all this time later? We still don't have the answers. I don't think at the time we covered it. They're wondering convictions. And since we covered it they have gone to trial been found guilty and put away. But let's give a quick rundown on what happened the day holly disappeared. And for those of You. That are familiar. Bear with us as we give a quick synopsis. Holly Bobo was a nursing student. At the University of Tennessee. She was twenty years old. CanNot if you look at her pictures. She's a very attractive young lady. Everyone found her to be very friendly. Well liked it was on the morning of April thirteenth? Twenty eleven that her brother. Clint woke up and looked out through a window to see holly who should have been off to university already. She was kneeling down near the car. Talking to someone who is dressed in camouflage while Clinton had just woken up and his I thought was. That's probably her boyfriend drew because he was supposed to be Turkey hunting that day. This guy's wearing camouflage like he's a hunter so it sort of makes sense right. Yeah so he doesn't think too much of it but it he ends up seeing holly walk into the woods right alongside this guy which is very unexpected boyfriend or not. Why would they walk off into the woods? Especially when he knows that she's supposed to be in school before holly in the manner seeing walking off to the woods he gets a call from his mother. Karen Karen had gotten a call from a neighbor. Who said I heard a coming from the vicinity of your home. And they were concerned. So caring called home and Clinton said she's just withdrew but according to his mom she knew that there was no way drew is going to be there because he was going to be Turkey hunting. So there's no way he would have at the home of course. What does the mom say to him when he acts like well? It's just her boyfriend right. Was She freaks out and says that's not her boyfriend and even goes on to say shoot him. It's kind of a strong reaction. There two ways we can look at this one way could be that. She has her motherly instinct. That says based on all the information that I know. There's no way that someone is a friendly person we need to take action to save holly. The other idea here could be that her mom knows something more so whether it's an instinct or based on information that's what Karen says get a gun and shoot this guy now. The description that clint gives is he says he never saw this man's face so he only saw the general shape of the man knew he was wearing camouflage saw that he was holding something black in his hand he thought was. You know possibly a device that's used in hunting. They call it a dear grunt but other than that. He says he couldn't really make out with the man was saying but he did hear his sister say no why I think he even said he had dark hair brown shoulder length hair still because highly should have already been at school because she had a big exam that day he thought this must be something important between her and her boyfriend. I'm not calling the police honor boyfriend if they're breaking up. I'm not getting in the way of that. But as we know whoever that was it was not drew we also know that Holly Least her remains were later found and she had been the victim of murder so when we fast forward the state had brought a case against a man by the name of Zach Adams and Zach is a known meth dealer correct. Yeah and we're this is located. It's very I won't even call a rural. It's it's up in a wooded area there's hills and just thick woods so people would refer to some of these meth heads as like outback hillbillies. But Holly's from a good family. She's going to school to become a nurse. So it's it's just a mix in this area. You have some people that they go to drugs and other people that are hard working and trying to get on with their lives but the police would end up. Talking with a man named John Dylan Adams who happens to have an intellectual disability and John Dylan. Adams will tell law enforcement that he saw his brother Zach with his friend. Jason Autry with Holly. And that's what gets law enforcement after. Zach and Jason. The purpose of US revisiting. This is not to necessarily go through the case as the state told it really what this is all about is to point out the issues that case has continues to have and I think it's very important because Zach has some court action left and were waiting to find out where this will go and so yes. They've gotten a conviction on Zach Adams but I think there's a real question here about whether that will hold up or not. I will say that when this case was I finished at least as far as the trial wins. I could see how it got there based on the Terrible crime that was committed here against Holly Bobo. And the fact that the state had said this was a case involving murder and drugs and abduction and that there were all. These guys involves atoms. Jason Autry Shane Ost in John Adams and maybe others. They had a lot of people to call to get on the stand and tell their stories. Zach Adams maintained all along the nothing to do with this. You got the wrong guy. I mean at one point even put his right hand up and said right hand before God. I had nothing to do with this but of course this is an emotionally charged case. It was the most expensive investigation most far reaching investigation in the state of Tennessee. History as far as I'm aware people wanted this solved. And so when you have the state saying Zach is the ringleader. He's the one that did this to Holly. And is responsible for her abduction for the rape and murder of her then. Why wouldn't people go forward with that but again we're going to start bringing up the evidence and we'll kind of compare and contrast here and we'll see. Does it really hold up?.

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