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Of my favorite books is called the meaning of marriage by tim. Keller walked to get you guys a copy because by the way he breaks down me. Read this data. i wasn't playing around. He kind of he kind of just walks through the full implications of marriage like from a contractual aside from a spiritual side from like a personal side and he talked to your point. Chris of being scared to mess it up. I think that's the coolest part of marriage. Is that pretty much every day. Like like artie before this. And like every day. You kind of find a way to mess it up. But the cool thing is like marriage is really the most powerful i think illustration of true love because all right the person has to be like. Yeah you messed up. And now we're gonna work through it and we're going to be married at the end of this. You know so anyway. It gets me pumped up on a wider topic. That was really good. But i'm curious so we have the musician and when you guys met sounded like he's pretty early on his career lauren. You know the the tv star could be singer potentially hey here s who was a bigger fan boy or girl of the other in our in our situation. It's obvious sean was a massive fan of mine. She's like player. I need the date this guy. But what about in your situation yeah. I don't know. I can't speak for lauren but i don't know if i even thought of it in that way. You know Looking at her. Yeah it the bachelor fan. And i remember watching the season. What even happened. None of that kind of stuff but But yeah i mean at a fan of the show. I guess maybe i was a fan of them but man i love that music can honestly like i never. I think because. I met chris early on. We had developed this friendship. I never like saw him as this lake. As what is which is like a super talented musician. Ida saw him as a super sweet guy and like someone that i was like. Oh you make such a good friend has been for someone else. I never thought it would be for me. But i was abandoned his music. I would turn up your music i will i will. I will say there was one song that When i put it out. Lauren loren did call it. Like i had no idea that it was gonna be the biggest song on my career but I remember talking to her about it. She was like. I really like this song. And it was a song called out you and it ended up. I had zero autumn. It was going to be a single. And she kind of called that song. It ended up being the biggest song of my career. So it would be hysterical. Florida's like yeah. I just don't like his music and not a hand. So what will link that song down below but also this i'm a huge griffin fan and the collaborated with him dog. You freaking crushed it on that you're gripping larn was as well for the clap ration- even came about week griffin like. I'm a big fan of huge fan. Yeah he's awesome. Yeah themselves a little collaboration. I'm super thankful for it. I haven't even played that song. Live put out during quarantine been able to play show since so. That's a shame. Yeah can't wait to get out there in Andor goes through these phases whenever he finds new song that he likes. I don't know if you're like this. probably not. but he will listen to it on repeat for a solid six weeks so that is the only song that played in our house on repeat for over a month easily. By the time you do after that finish that you like so over though. No he's not now. I'm like okay. We need we need a new one. But i i'm the same that you're saying that because i have this record that i always listen to this old kenny chesney record that never even had a single off of it is you are that i listened to all the time in laurens. Okay we got to listen to something different. Yes what's the one you are on this kick for the eagles no bohemian Who's the queen. I was unclean unclean for a solid like a months. Is that because of the movie. Yes yes i thought. I was gonna lose my mind but i it's also conducted good friend mercury impression. Pretty much. don't do it. You know i want bison okay i would love know so. We got to interview ella black and his wife. And oh my gosh. I off in the face. Mike and i've always been curious with songwriting and with musicians so he had this interesting take away with his songs that every once in a while. He'll a song song that pertains to his life in his wife and his kids but other than that. He can talk about anything in kind of like his way through it. I'm curious with your music. Do you tend to keep it personal. Are you not allowed to keep personal like what are your guys's boundaries within the creative realm of what it is you.

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