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I think when we start. Muddying the waters with okay. Let's step out of the Bible and you know they're preaching that this is the thing that you should do. This is the way that you should act and it's not in the Bible because now it's manmade ruled. Brought down from the pulpit. Then I feel like we thought the that that judgmental attitude online. You don't live the way that the preacher after or or you know whatever said the way that you should live now. I'm begging you for that and I think it really muddy the waters on what the church is. The church is in a building if agreed for people that gather together and worship so in all cases you know this house could be a church you know as long as more than one person guy and we worship and we believe that this would be church and nowhere. Does it say like you have to wear a suit and your opera wear a dress and you have to look pretty and you know all these things that are all in that role so the church that I go through. I love it because you know people can come in there with pink hair. Green Hair piercings in their faith with tattoos all over their bodies. And that's perfectly fine as long as they're there for the right reason in believe in God they believe in Jesus if leaving your you know accept Jesus as their savior. And if they haven't then what do we need to do to get you there so that we can save your soul My grandpa loved my GRANDPA and you know they have different parts of Christian music. Now you got wrap. They got rock. You know however.

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