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Then you don't want to listen to this because right after the show ends on fx we will post ri episode of season to the recap ables and we're going to do that all the way through the atlanta season and then guess what billions after that mean mallory rubin sunday night's these are little 18 minute podcasts basically what happened wedded happen would you think couple words and then were out little post game show for you were doing atlanta william billions or doing westworld over the next four months subscribe an apple podcast spotify wherever you get your podcasts don't forget the check out the ring a dot com if you miss my com about lubrani michael jordan on friday it is still on the website we have a bunch of oscar stuff coming this week pieces from sean fantasy and in cam collins a bunch of videos that we brought wesley morris mount grant line teammate back to la to shoot a bunch of videos was sean and chris ryan and remanded dobbins a camp collins broke him down to a bunch of different categories if you remember the greatly an oscar show that i did in two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen with wesleyan chris connolly um it's a little like that it's not just like who's gonna win best picture is going to win best actor all that stuff it's more more fun subjects that cana tie into the askar's were running those all week i have to do is go to the ringer dot com or you can go to the wringers youtube channel anna and coming up in a little bit we now have david shoemaker are first to talk about ron razzie wwl's of going on there and then.

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